Falling In Love With My Curls

Hey Guys,

I still remember the time in elementary school when my mom broke a brush in my hair trying to get through the tangled mess that was my hair.

The thought of using a brush on my hair now makes me cringe and go into shock. My poor mother didn’t have a  clue how to take care of and manage naturally curly hair. I’ve been told I got it from my Italian grandmother on my Dad’s side. Apparently we are the only two people in the entire family with it because I’ve never met anyone else I’m related to with my curls. My youngest son has the same texture and when it grows out I can see a little curl. Thankfully I know how to teach him to take care of it,  I never had a chance growing up.

While I can laugh at it now I remember how awful I felt when the kids would make fun of my hair. I still remember the names they would call me and l can still hear all the adults in my life saying it was amazing! They would always say “People pay a lot of money for hair like that.” Meanwhile I just wanted to be the girl in my class with the perfectly layered straight hair that could effortlessly style it into some amazing up-do not the girl that stuck her finger in a light socket.

That of course was over 30years ago, after many bad hair cuts and I mean BAD! After many styling product trial and errors and experiments I have finally learned what to do and not to do and how to manage and style my hair for frizz free defined curls and I LOVE my hair.

Version 2

I have been asked many times while out and about how I style it and how I manage it, either by moms who don’t know how to help their child or adults who still feel lost. I’m always happy to offer advice to anyone who asks. Naturally curly hair  really is it’s own being, it will let you know when it doesn’t like something and the rewards will be great when you finally find the holy grail combination of products for styling.

I often tell people when they ask what I use for products “There’s a lot of product holding these curls together.” they always laugh but I’m not kidding. I use two different conditioners, a deep conditioning treatment 1-2 times a week and two spray leave in conditioners and four to five styling products. I could put both my kids through college for what I pay for styling products. Ha!



One thing that I never buy or use is shampoo, the more conditioner the better. The only time my hair sees shampoo is after my stylist colors it. To wash my hair I use a co-washing method which works great and my hair loves it.

I will definitely get into all the details with you about co-washing and styling products I love and tips for styling curly hair in future posts. If you have any questions or would like to see a specific post don’t hesitate to drop me an email sincerelymrs.jmm@gmail.com

I have come along way since that little boy compared my hair to the bush in someones front yard as we walked home from school.

If you are looking for more posts dedicated to curly hair I have them all linked in a special section of my website that you can find here. 

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Hope you have a wonderful week!!



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