How Do You Find A Great Stylist For Naturally Curly Hair?

Hey Guys,

I am going to be perfectly blunt here and say just because someone went to school to be a hair stylist does not make them knowledgeable in naturally curly hair. I have been to enough bad stylists and had enough bad “trims” in my 36 years that I can say that and mean it!


I found my two stylists through a friend and through referrals from my esthetician and the person who does my nails.

I currently see two stylists Jodi and Tori who I adore and hope to be with for along time. I had to find someone closer for my color after we moved because of distance and time but I loved Tori so much I still go back for a visit and a trim when I’m in her neck of the woods. I was blessed to find Jodi through the referral of a friend and she does a fabulous job with my color.

I also  found a great stylist once by googling “Curly Hair Stylist in Maine” I had to drive two hours but the woman was amazing!! She has naturally curly hair and knew exactly what she was doing!

Anytime I schedule an appointment with a new stylist I always ask..

How long have you been styling, coloring, cutting hair?

Do you have a lot of curly haired clients?

A stylist can’t cut curly hair like it’s straight, so it’s important to make sure you find someone that understands this!! An inch off of straight hair is three inches off of curly hair. When I get my hair trimmed it’s a micro trim just enough to take the dead ends off. It’s also known as a “dusting”

I always express my anxieties about the visit and make sure they are clear on what I want and don’t want. I once had a stylist try and brush out my hair with a hair brush…..ummm NO!  I usually don’t get a trim at my first appointment with someone new. I go in for a color appointment and see how I feel about that before I let her near me with scissors. Color can be fixed a lot easier that a bad haircut.

When looking for a hair stylist don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations from friends, family, and coworkers. Also check Facebook for salon reviews once you have the name of a person.

If you see someone out and about that has great hair just ask them who they go to to get their hair done, especially someone with naturally curly hair, I have people often come up to me and ask who I go to for my color or my curls. I was just at the jewelry store getting a new battery for my watch and the jeweler asked where I go for my color so don’t be afraid to ask!

Always remember the person who knows your hair best is you! You can’t be afraid to speak up for yourself and your hair to make sure your getting what you want.

If you are looking for more posts dedicated to curly hair I have them all linked in a special section of my website that you can find here. 

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Hope you have a wonderful week!!



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