Co-Washing…..Going Without The Poo!

Hey Guys,

“You don’t use shampoo? How do you wash your hair?”


I have heard this more than a dozen times since I ended my relationship with shampoo…..

It all started four years ago I went through a phase with my hair where it just seemed so dry, even my scalp. My hair was almost straw like. It was just a big frizzy ball on the top of my head with some curls that on some days wanted to perform at their best and other days had all but given up. Ok not that extreme but my hair was screaming for moisture even though at the time I really thought I was using a ton of conditioner.

Here is a before ditching shampoo picture……eeek!

before shampoo hair

This is when I started my research, I had heard about people in the natural hair community who gave up shampoo and instead used the co-washing method so I decided to try it. I figured if I didn’t like it I could always go back to washing with shampoo.

Co-washing is when you use conditioner to wash your hair in place of shampoo. Naturally curly hair doesn’t produce a lot of oil and shampoo strips the little bit of oils from your hair causing it to be drier than it already is which then makes it frizzy and straw like.

The first time I washed my hair with conditioner it seemed weird like I was breaking all these rules or something. I had strange thoughts like …What if my hair doesn’t get clean? Is this weird? How can my hair possibly get clean this way?

I didn’t quite go cold turkey at first I washed with shampoo every 3 or 4 days co-washing on the other days because I couldn’t believe giving up shampoo could be normal or good for my hair. I started to notice on the days I used shampoo my hair looked awful but the days I skipped it were my best hair days. That was it for me. I ditched the poo!!!

Now the only time shampoo touches my hair is when I get my color done and my stylist shampoos it, so probably once every 6 weeks.

I know that some people co-wash every few days and so on but what works best for me and my curls is to co-wash everyday. I use two types of conditioner for daily care and a deep conditioning treatment one to two times a week.

I mix Tigi’s Bed Head Level 1 and 2 for my daily conditioning routine.


I use a lot of conditioner and my hair loves it. On the days I am skimpy with the moisture my hair defintely shows it.

After I wet my hair I mix the two conditioners and use it on my hair like shampoo but I don’t rinse yet. Then I add more conditioner to my palm and flip my hair over and comb the conditioner through with my fingers. I work through any tangles. This is an important step because I don’t use any combs or brushes on my hair.

I flip my hair back over and part it to each side over my shoulders. once again get some more conditioner and finger comb it through one side and then repeat on the other. I let it sit for a couple minutes and then rinse with cool/cold water.

Rinsing with cool/cold water is a majorly important step, I NEVER skip this one even in the dead of winter when I want to enjoy every last minute of a hot shower. Rinsing with cool water closes the hair follicle which helps to prevent frizz. This is probably one of my top tips for anyone with naturally curly hair and the first thing I tell people when they come up to me and ask about my styling routine.

Once I am finished rinsing I gently squeeze the excess water from my hair and  wrap gently in a towel. Do not rub your hair, it will cause frizz!!! I leave it in the towel for a couple minutes to absorb any excess water and then I style and let air dry.  I never use any sort of heat on my hair. 

Version 2

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