My Organized Life: Organizing The Kitchen Junk Cabinet

Hey Guys,

You know you have one, that catch all place in your house that seems to attract all the things you might need.

Some people have a junk drawer, I have a junk cabinet. Ok it’s not really a junk cabinet it’s place where the misc. stuff goes, like over the counter medicine, sunscreens, my recipe binder, pens, batteries writing pads. Do I sound like I’m making excuses here? We’ll call it the catch-all cabinet I like that name better, everyone has that one space whether it be a drawer, cabinet or entire room that they hate opening because it’s a cluttered mess.

Well whatever you want to call this cabinet, mine had gotten out of control and it was driving me nuts.

This is my junk cabinet……


The cabinet in question is the one to the far right of the picture at the end of the breakfast bar.


Last week I did my yearly kitchen deep clean that I do every summer. I go through each cabinet and drawer and donate what I don’t use often and wipe down the shelves. I find it keeps my cabinets clutter free and neat, plus I don’t have a stockpile of useless kitchen gadgets I never use. If I haven’t used it in the cycle of one full year it’s got to go. I decided it was time to once and for all make the catch-all cabinet a place that is functional and easily accessible like the rest of my cabinets.

So that means a trip to HomeGoods!

**Lets just stop and do a happy dance**

I think next to Target, HomeGoods is one of my favorite places to shop and I always leave with more than I went for.

I found these clear bins which I love because you can see whats inside for easy accessibility. If you can’t find them at HomeGoods, you can find similar ones here.  The one on the right in the back has a hinged lid that will make it perfect for storing batteries and can be found here..


I started by taking everything out of the cabinet and wiping down the shelves inside. I sorted through all the medicines and threw out anything that was expired or we no longer use or need, By the way does anyone else have a hundred of those little plastic cups that come with children’s Motrin and cough syrup?

IMG_2630I separated everything into the categories, based on how I would separate them into the storage bins.IMG_2633

Lets just go back and remember this chaos……





I arranged the bins into the cabinet in the order that they are used most so the bottom shelf is my recipe binder, pen cup, sunscreen, tape, my ear buds and sunglasses I wear when I walk the dogs, calculator and notepads.


On the second shelf is the medicines, cough drops, dog medicines, and an entire bin of command hooks. That based on that I won’t need to buy for a while because now I know what I have and their all in one place. Yay for organizing!  **Cheesy smile here**



On the top shelf in the clear lidded box are the batteries.

The two black bins on the top shelf  are currently empty but I will be using  them during the school year for extra school supplies like colored pencils, pens and regular pencils. The kitchen is the preferred place for both of my boys when it comes to doing homework probably because it’s the closest to the pantry. Ha! This is the perfect spot for those items. I got those bins at Target last year sometime but I still see them there in the section with the storage containers. 

Once everything was arranged the way I liked it I used my label maker to labeled the bins

I just love how it looks now! It was the only cabinet in my kitchen I hated opening before and now I open it just to look at how nice it looks.  I was able to do this entire project for under $35, organizing your home doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. HomeGoods is a great place to find bins and storage containers, I always look there first before going anywhere else. 

Do you have a junk drawer or cabinet in your house? How do you feel about them? 


Mrs. JMM

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