The Whipping Post Tote…..

Hey Guys.

It’s amazing the things I have in my bag, especially being a Mom. This week I want to share with you my favorite carry all tote bag.

I first discovered Whipping Post leather goods back in March of 2015 when I bought my very first vintage tote bag. I love this bag so much that I’m leaning towards getting another in black so I can switch the colors up. 

I took this picture the day I received this bag back in 2015.


I use this bag everyday and it gets thrown around on a daily basis as we’re rushing out the door in the morning and I’m going about my day. 

This below picture is a current picture of the bag, I have used it for two years and it still looks fabulous. The leather has become softer over time but it still stands on it’s own and holds it shape beautifully.


My sons are always throwing stuff in my bag for me to carry for them on top of what I already keep in it but I still always have room for more. I could easily fit a laptop or Ipad in it as well.

 Here is a picture of everything I keep in my tote on a daily basis to give you an idea of what it will hold and all the extra room it still has.


The bag I have is the Vintage Tote, it retails for $195 which I think is a great price for an all leather tote bag.  It’s’s made of vegetable tanned leather and has a great sturdy bottom of the bag so it stands up by itself and doesn’t flop over. When I first received my bag the handles were a little stiff but they have broken in to be the softest easiest to carry handles.

If  you’re looking for a work bag or just a great tote style handbag I highly recommend The Whipping Post Vintage Tote. 

Do you have a favorite everything bag? Tell me about it!



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