Preserving Family Recipes

I remember hearing about my Grandmother’s butter cookies growing up, she would make the dough by hand in a large bowl mixing it with a wooden spoon and flatten them really thin on a cookie sheet to make this perfect short bread like butter cookie. Cutting them in such an intricate pattern that it required a diagram if anyone ever wanted to duplicate it. She would give these delectable cookies out to her neighbors at Christmas time. Tucking them neatly in gift boxes wrapped in wax paper tied with a ribbon. By the time I came along she had stopped making them because of her arthritic fingers but I have heard the story so many times I often feel like I was there.

I lost my grandmother over 20 years ago but the memories remain and my Mom still makes these cookies every Christmas even though says she’s not going to. It’s quite a process to spread them paper thin. I imagine the memories of her Mom push her to continue the tradition.

I have a single handwritten recipe card, neatly written in my Grandmother’s handwriting that I want to forever preserve. While I can’t say I will make these cookies every year I do love the idea of displaying the memory of my Grandmother.

I decided to take the card and frame it as a part of my kitchen decor. I hung it over by my KitchenAid mixer where I do all of my baking.


My Grandmother was the Martha Stewart of her time, everything was done with great perfection and care. This small framed recipe will always remind me of her while I’m in the kitchen.

If you have old handwritten recipes this is a great way to add some vintage decor to your kitchen while still displaying family memories. I couldn’t find the exact size frame for the recipe card I had so I used a 4×6 matted frame. I mounted it to a piece of white card stock sized a little bigger than the mat to fill in the empty space and used double sided tape on a small corner just to hold the card in place. It won’t effect the recipe which I did photocopy in case I ever want to use it. You cant even tell because the white matte and cardstock blend perfectly with one another. It also gives the recipe card a little dimension inside the frame. 

Do you have any family recipes that bring back memories? Let me know if you decide to try this and if you do tag me on Instagram,  I would love to see a picture! 


Mrs. Jmm

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