My Organized Life: How Daily Routines Keep Our House Clean & Organized

As a busy mom of two boys I love my routines, they keep me sane and our house running smoothly. I like to do a quick morning and evening routine each day that are completely separate from the big house cleaning I do once a week which involves much more in-depth cleaning. The quick routines are simple daily tasks that keep the house looking clean and picked up in-between the big weekly cleaning no matter how busy we may be. 


I like to keep my favorite cleaning products close by so I don’t have to waste time running around grabbing what I need. All my everyday cleaners that I use for the kitchen and downstairs I keep under the kitchen sink. The downstairs bathroom has the cleaners for that space under the sink and I keep a caddy in the linen closet for all the upstairs cleaning. That way I’m don’t have to go downstairs to grab something I may of forgotten.

These are my favorite daily cleaners.


I get up at least an hour before my family to make sure I’ve had time to shower and get ready for the day before it’s time for everyone else to start waking up. I like to empty the dishwasher first thing in the morning. We’re on summer vacation right now but if it were the school year and someone wanted lunch from home, this would be the time I would pack lunches and get snacks together.

I  do a quick downstairs bathroom wipe down everyday, this is not a deep clean I simply switch out the towel for a clean one if needed and wipe off the counter, sink and toilet. This always keeps the bathroom looking nice for any unexpected guests. 


After breakfast I wipe down the kitchen counters, wash any breakfast dishes and plan and prep dinner. That way if something needs to be taken out for the freezer for dinner I remember to do it early. I hate the days I forget to do this……grilled cheese anyone? I would rather have this amazing Grilled Flank Steak.

I also like to quickly dust the top of the coffee table and bar stools.

We have two black labs so I vacuum every day to keep a handle on the hair tumbleweeds that seem to appear, if you have dogs you completely understand what I’m saying here.


One of my favorite tips is to make your bed everyday, I can’t start my day unless my bed is made. I think it makes everyone a little more productive and your master bedroom always looks put together.


Part of my boys daily routine is to make their beds in the morning, do a quick pick up of their room and throw any laundry that may be on the floor in the basket. 

I finish up my morning routine with a quick wipe down of the master and boys bathrooms. I always wait to do these for last so everyone can finish getting ready in the morning. This is nice during the school year to because once they leave the bathrooms stay nice and clean all day. 

If laundry needs to be done I throw a load in before starting whatever is on the agenda for that day.

My evening routine is a little quicker but I really like to come downstairs in the morning to everything straightened up and ready for the day.

In the evening I like to clean up the kitchen from dinner and do all the dishes. I have a serious pet peeve about waking up in the morning to dishes in the sink. If the dishwasher is full I  start that so I can empty it in the morning, either my husband or I will take out the kitchen trash.

I straighten up our mudroom and fold any laundry that may of finished drying if I hadn’t gotten to it earlier.  Finally I like to go for at least thirty minute walk with my husband  the dogs and sometimes the boys join us. It’s a nice way to end the day and get some extra family time in. 

Minus the walk my evening routine takes less than a half hour and my morning routine maybe an hour because of the vacuuming and bathrooms.

Once you put together the list of things you know you want to take care of on a daily bases it goes pretty quick. I love that if I have to be gone all day I will be coming home to a picked up house and in-between my big cleaning days the house always looks nice and put together.

Quick Tip: Start by making a list of 3 things you would like to do everyday. As you get into a routine of doing these 3 things on a day to day basis they will go quickly and you will find it easier to add a few more to the list until you have created a daily routine for yourself.

Do you have a regular routine to stay organized?  Is there something you like to make sure you get done everyday?

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Mrs. JMM

4 thoughts on “My Organized Life: How Daily Routines Keep Our House Clean & Organized

  1. Absolutely great advice! Ever since becoming an early riser, I love getting stuff done early in the day, so I can just relax in the afternoon.

    Also, I love that print comforter! Where did you get it?

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