Adding Highlights To Naturally Curly Hair

I can remember going to my hair appointment for a trim and overtime mentioning to my stylist that I was thinking about highlights. I even had an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to hair color I loved. My Stylist would always give me the same response, “Let’s do it! It will look great!” and I would always reply with “I’ll think about it.” For some reason I was scared to death to add color to my hair. What if I hated it? What if it ruined my texture?

The picture below is before adding any color to my hair…..

Natural Hair

It was June of 2014 that I finally took the plunge and booked the appointment for color, just a few blond highlights for summer. My hair always lightened in the summer anyway and I loved the look which made me feel safe with the color choice. I don’t know who was more excited me or my stylist.

She started with just a couple highlights around my face to lighten things up and a few ombre style foils in the back so if completely hated it I wouldn’t be stuck with it forever.

Something amazing happened after all my ‘what if ‘ thinking and anxieties over coloring my hair, I ended up loving it!! It completely changed the look of my hair. It gave my curls dimension and my hair no longer looked like a dark brown blanket on my head. I could’t believe the difference some blonde highlights could make.

I am now with a different stylist because we moved and I have more color than the first time I went three years ago and I love it even more. When I look back at old pictures from before I started coloring my hair I wonder why I didn’t started earlier.




One of the best things you can do to add definition to naturally curly hair is to add some highlights or lowlights or both. NOW in doing this you need to make sure your willing to put in the work to keep your hair healthy, that means LOTS AND LOTS of MOISTURE!! I reviewed some great conditioners here and you can read all about how I use co-washing to help keep my hair healthy here.

I get my color done every 5-6 weeks and I deep condition my hair the day of my appointment and for the first two days after having my color done along with my regular 1-2 times a week deep treatments.

I do this because I have two tones of blond put into my hair which in turn is stripping my hair so I want to make sure I am treating it with lots of moisture to keep any breakage to a minimum. I also use a keratin leave in conditioning spray to replace any lost protein and to again help prevent breakage.

I have four colors in my hair, my natural color which is a brown, a red lowlight, and two blond highlights. In the summer we add more blond and in the fall and winter a little more of the red lowlight.

My hair is still healthy because I maintain it and take care of it. I use lots of moisture and get trims every few months. I have two stylists, one to trim my hair and one for coloring and they both say how healthy my hair is.

Below Is Current Summer Hair…


If your on the fence about trying color talk to your hairstylist about trying a few highlights at first just to see if you like it.

If you don’t have a good hairstylist you go to then it’s time to break up and find a new one. I talk about finding a great stylist for curly hair here.  Talk to people you know or go up to someone who has great hair and ask them where they go. I have people ask me all the time and I”m always happy to refer them. It never hurts to ask you may end up finding your soul mate of a stylist!!

If you are looking for more posts dedicated to curly hair I have them all linked in a special section of my website that you can find here. 

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Hope you have a wonderful week!!



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