Mrs.JMM’s Weekly Shopping & Project Round Up

Welcome to Mrs. JMM’s Monday Morning Weekly Round Up! I came up with the idea for this weekly post after realizing I’m always finding so many great things on my weekly shopping trips and we’re also working on lots of little house projects at the moment that it would be great to share them in one place. In these weekly posts you will also find some fun stories that happened along the way.

I’m always coming up with fun projects to work on around the house and dragging Mr.JMM along for the ride. I’m not really dragging him he’s always happy to lose the shirt and tie on the weekends for work clothes and enjoys working around the house especially when it’s a project we’re working on together.

On Saturday we were able to have a nice lunch before going to Home Depot to pick out new light fixtures and a few other errands along the way including him patiently following me around HomeGoods while I told him how cute this, that and everything was.

This weekend consisted of small house projects that made a big difference in the look of a few rooms and hauling a new dryer up a flight of stairs to our laundry room and the old one back down. It’s actually a funny story because our neighbor so kindly offer to help him and my husband told him we were all set. I mean honestly had we been on a deserted island he would have sent the life boat away. He said he knew we could handle it, well yeah we can but I would have been happy to pass the task off to someone else!

My dryer of 12 years finally died so I had to break down and pick out a new one, I’m not even one of those penny pincher cheap people I just really hate buying appliances and vehicles. I ended up going with the SpeedQueen Dryer because I wanted something made in the USA, that would handle large loads with three guys in the house and last a long time. I didn’t even care if it matched my existing washer. When that goes I will get the one that matches. I mean lets face it I’m the only one spending long periods of time in this room anyway so it works.

Let’s talk paint color for a moment while we’re still in the laundry room, I can’t stand this color and it doesn’t photograph well at all!! The previous owners had interesting taste in colors and we have been repainting rooms since we moved into this house. We’re down to a couple small areas, the pantry, mudroom and the upstairs bathrooms, closets, workout room and laundry room. I will be changing this room to one of my favorite grays.  I plan on posting a pic when it’s completed and I can’t wait because it will look so much better!


I also found this great sign at HomeGoods I can hang clothes I’ve put on hangers after taking them out of the dryer, now I will no longer need to drape them over the dryer door.


IMG_3057The last thing we did in this room over the weekend was change out the light fixture to something much classier than what was there before.  Only one light worked out of the three on the original fixture, it was ridiculous not to mention they were ugly and cheap looking.  You can get a much nicer fixture for the same price and they change the whole look of the room except when it’s painted banana yellow.

You can see the old fixtures we took out in the picture below.


We chose this brushed nickel fixture for the laundry room and our master bedroom closet.


While we were picking out those fixtures we also got a new one for the pantry. The new light in this space is one of the new already built-in LED fixtures and let me tell you they are bright!  You now need sunglasses to go in the pantry which was what I was going for. The previous fixture didn’t give off enough light, I think only two of the lights worked on that one even after changing the bulbs and the space just looked dark.

We went with an antique bronze to match the dining room fixture.


The new fixtures look so much nicer and give off a much brighter light, it’s amazing what changing a light fixture can do for a room! I also won’t need to do a shoulder workout for a couple days after helping Mr.JMM hang four of these….haha!

I also picked up this cute rack for my office at Hobby Lobby on Friday, I love to look at catalogs for shopping as well as design inspiration but sometimes I can’t get to them the day they come in the mail, I thought this would be perfect to keep my most recent catalogs without them piling up on my desk.


One of my favorite finds on Saturday was at HomeGoods, I found these candle sticks on clearance for $8 each. I went back to Hobby Lobby to get LED candles for them and when I got home found one of the candles was cracked so I need to go exchange that this week.


They look great on my dining room table but I may also use them on an entry way table I have on order. It’s the same color as the dining room table and I can’t wait to be able to decorate it for each season.

The EAT sign in the background of the dining room picture is from Hobby Lobby, I found that on Friday when I was in there and also saw they have Fall decor out. If you’ve read my About Me than you know I love Fall. If you haven’t you should go read it I share all kinds of fun facts about myself. You’ll have to check my Instagram to see if you can spot any sneak peaks of decor I may have purchased.

That’s it for this weekends project and shopping haul round-up!  I would say it was a productive weekend. We have some larger projects in the works to, like redoing all of our downstairs floors in the fall, a mudroom re-do and some room tours coming up so make sure your subscribed so you never miss anything new!!

Have a wonderful Monday!




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