Mrs.JMM’s Weekly Shopping and Project Round-Up #2

Hey Guys!!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

I started mine on Friday by running a few errands and I found a few cute things in my travels for laundry detergent and groceries. My first stop was Target, does anyone else end up there multiple times a week? It’s my happy place, I always leave with a cart full of stuff I didn’t know I needed but I’m so glad I found.

The first thing I did was a quick sweep of the women’s clothing section to see if they have anything new. They’re starting to put out some really cute Fall items and I found this top for $19.99. Which I can wear now on cooler nights and into Fall and Winter. It’s not online yet so I can’t add a link but the brand is A New Day.  I sized up to a medium for an oversized fit which I love in the Fall and Winter.


I think it will look adorable with some ankle boots and skinny jeans this Fall when we’re doing something casual as a family.

This is completely random but I also picked up these Ghirardelli chocolates for my office candy dish and seriously the dark chocolate sea salt caramel is so good!! I’m so glad Trever my youngest doesn’t like dark chocolate because they will still be there when I go to get one. Ha! If you like dark chocolate and want a special treat look for these next time you’re at Target.


Here is a confession….I love office supplies! I get more excited than the kids about back to school shopping because that’s when I stock up on stuff for my own home office. One of my favorite things are these pens, they write beautifully and don’t smudge or run. They were on sale so I grabbed another four pack.


My next stop was Bath and Body Works to sniff the new Fall candles but I didn’t buy any yet. I’m holding off on any big candle hauls until later in the month. Hopefully by then they have re-released Honey Crisp Apple, which is one of my favorite apple scents from last years Fall line and will be bummed if they discontinue it.

The Heirloom Apple scent is a re-release and repackage of Farm Stand Apple and smells like an apple orchard in a jar. That will be on my list for sure as well as my tried and true favorites, Marshmallow Fireside, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Pumpkin Apple and a few others. They have a new release this year Maple Bourbon that I want to try too!  I just love the scents of Fall!

I did pick up a four hand soaps that were on clearance for $3.25 in Spring/Summer scents to get us through the rest of summer and a couple of Wallflower bulbs in Lavender Vanilla. Which is one of my favorite year round scents to use in the bathrooms.  I knew if I picked up any of the new release items I would immediately come home and start changing things over to all Fall. Haha!! We must pace ourselves and enjoy each season as it comes but seriously Fall is my favorite! We even got married in October!

Plus that also means back to school and I’m not quite ready for the laid back days of summer to be over.


On Friday I also finished Liane Moriarty’s book ‘What Alice Forgot’ and really enjoyed it. I highly recommend it if  you’re looking for a new book to read. I really like this author she’s definitely one of my favorites right now. So much so I went on Amazon and ordered the other 4 books of hers I didn’t have. If you have never read her books The Husbands Secret along with this one are my favorites so far.


Oh an if you haven’t tried these Dark Chocolate Chloe’s Pops yet, you need to!! Like now!! They are so good and only have a few ingredients and all Non-GMO. I first discovered them for Trever who has a red dye #40 sensitivity. He really likes the strawberry ones and as a Mom I love that he can enjoy an ice pop without the emotional breakdown that comes from the artificial dyes.

On Saturday the boys and I spent some time doing some online school shopping, the coupons and promo codes this time of year are so good. Gap was having their friends and family sale for 40% off over the weekend so we got a few things there. I also ordered jeans for the boys at American Eagle, they have a promo for 25% off all new arrivals with the promo code SOMUCHNEW through tonight. (August 7) Also jeans are buy 1 get one 50% off until August 9th so I was able to get the boys some jeans and I found a couple of things I liked for Fall too. Maybe I will feature my new Fall clothing finds in an upcoming post after they arrive. We’ll see how much I keep and what I send back. Haha!

The big house project of the weekend was staining the furniture pieces Mr.JMM made for our movie room that we started putting together in February. I plan on doing a full room tour post once the room is completed, look for that in September. This room is easily one of my favorite spaces in our house.

Together we designed and drew out what we wanted for an entertainment center and then Mr JMM and Trever got to work building it. It came out beautifully as I knew it would. It has spaces at the top for the dvd player and speakers and then the bottom is sized to fit the rest of the surround sound system. You will see it all finished and decorated in an upcoming post!!


The above photo is with one heavy coat of stain let sit for a few seconds and then wiped away with a rag. It gives it this fabulous rustic look. All it needs is a couple of coats of poly and it will be ready which we will do next weekend, it wasn’t quite dry for us to finish Sunday.

In the Spring we had gone to Home Goods to look for a small coffee table that would fit the space in front of the sectional. We didn’t want anything to big but enough to hold some popcorn and drinks. We found one table that would be perfect but had a cracked top, I was in love with the base of it too. I wish I had taken a before picture. Thankfully my husband is super handy because we bought it on a discount and he came home removed the cracked top and remade one out of leftover unfinished hardwood flooring, the wood grain is gorgeous in this wood. He also used it on the top and shelves of the entertainment stand.

The coffee table we were able to get the first coat of poly on and will add another next weekend. I like to do a couple of layers it gives it a nice sheen and is easier to dust.

I love how it’s looking so far, I can’t wait to see it in the space!


The color stain we’re using is MinWax Dark Walnut, that has got to be one of my favorite choices for stain.

Speaking of wood stain, I tried the MinWax Stain Marker to touch up a ding on one of my side tables and it worked great! It’s like a Sharpie for wood. I found it at Home Depot and it came it 4 or 5 different colors for under $5.


While those pieces were drying we replaced the mudroom lights which if you happen to catch my Insta Stories on Instagram on Saturday I sent Mr.JMM to Home Depot to pick out. I sent him with the picture and item number of the ones I wanted. I’m so picky about what I like and thankfully they had the ones in stock and he was able to get them for me. They look so much better and will help the light in this windowless room with the help of daylight LED bulbs.

We ended the weekend with some family time and a trip to our favorite ice cream stand. I love coffee ice cream! Whats your favorite?

Next week Mr.JMM has a three-day weekend and I already have some ideas I’ve mentioned to him for projects. Haha!! Keep an eye out later this week for my curly hair styling routine as well as a yummy recipe on Friday! In case you missed it check out last weeks round-up.

If you have any questions or comments leave them below, I love hearing from you! 

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Have a great week!




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