Mrs.JMM’s Weekly Roundup #4

Hey Guys!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!! The weather here has been crazy, one day it feels like Fall and the next it’s in the 80’s and humid. Summer weather has returned in full force for the last week of summer vacation and I really hope it goes back to cooler temps when the boys start school. To me it just doesn’t seem right to still feel like summer once school begins.

Last week was crazy here, I made sure to schedule all the final appointments for the boys like haircuts and we also just about finished back to school shopping the few things left I can get online. I wanted them to be able to enjoy this last week of vacation.

Shopping with my two boys can be an experience, one can walk into a store and love everything, the other hates shopping all together and is happier if I just buy him stuff and bring it home to him. Of course I can always find something for myself in every store we go into. Haha!!

I had a gift card to Express that I wanted to use and I ordered these adorable camo ankle pants, I can’t wait for Fall to wear these,  they have the cutest zipper detail at the ankle.  They’re currently on sale for under $40 and only have a few sizes left online.


The black long sleeve tee in the above picture and the white camo one in the photo below are both from Hollister which I have never actually bought anything from before this trip but Trever saw a sweatshirt he liked so we went in and I figured while we were there I would browse. I’m so glad I did, these tees are some of the most comfortable and softest I have had in a long time. It’s called the Must Have Easy T-Shirt and it sells for $16.95. I can’t find the link for the camo one online but they do have the black one along with white and gray.


I also got a book order in the mail to add to the To Be Read pile..


I’m looking forward to reading The Stranger In The House, I had preordered that after reading The Couple Next Door which was really good if your looking for a new read. It’s by the same author and I really like her writing style. I’ve also heard great things about All The Missing Girls.

Currently I’m reading The Widows House by Carol Goodman and it’s really good! It’s about a couple who become caretakers of a mansion with a haunted history. If you like ghost stories I highly recommend it and I”m not even finished reading it yet.


I also stocked up on one of my favorite hair products,The Macadamia Professional Taming Curl Cream. This is one of those must have styling products for me. I order it through their website because they usually have some sort of really good coupon code, I got these for 50% off with the code VACATION which is still going on right now. Their free shipping if you spend over $40 is pretty quick too, I placed my order on Tuesday and it was here Saturday morning.


On Friday I made this  Blueberry Crisp  and it  tastes amazing with vanilla ice cream. It’s one of those perfect summer desserts.


On Saturday Mr.JMM and I did our usually mini date and ran a few errands, HomeGoods for me and Home Depot for him….it’s his and her shopping at it’s best. Of course his trips to Home Depot are usually to get supplies for a project I have him working on….haha! He actually really loves building stuff and doing house projects so he doesn’t mind.

In HomeGoods I looked at the Fall Decor but I didn’t get anything related to that yet but I did find this adorable whitewashed American Flag sign for upstairs between the boys rooms. It fits perfectly there and the funniest part is when I saw the sign I knew I had to have it but I didn’t know where I wanted to use it in the house. I had a couple places in mind and as soon as I walked upstairs with it I had that lightbulb moment and realized the wall between the boys rooms would be the perfect spot. It’s gray and white tones look so nice with the wall color we chose, which is Mink by Sherwin Williams.


Trever had asked me earlier in the week if I would look for something that he could hang all his hats on to display them in his room. We ended up finding this cute rack in the same aisle as the flag picture.  I like the rustic look,  making it perfect for a boys room. This is such a nice way to organize hats and not have them hanging off of door knobs and headboards.


An update to last weeks front door project, we finished painting it and let it dry and it looks so good!

Here is the before….


And here is the after….I also snuck my Fall wreath in there because I love it and it’s close enough…..


The color just pops so much more giving the door more attention then before when it was white and just blended in. We used Sherwin Williams Peppercorn Gray in Emerald Exterior Satin Finish.

This weekend for house projects, Mr.JMM made the shelves for the closet in the movie room. He’s custom making them so they will fit DVDs standing perfectly and we stained them the Dark Walnut to match the furniture. We got all of them stained once they are dried and poly’d we can finish hanging them and I can reorganize all of our movies.

At the moment that room is pulled apart and I will be so glad to get in there and put everything back together so I can take pictures to share with you. Not to mention start watching some Fall themed movies. All of the details are taking a little while but it’s going to be so worth it. because this will be a room we enjoy for years.

I also want to give a shoutout to an Etsy Shop, Lavender Oak Lettering  I bought this wood sign from her shop for our our dining room as an ode to my Italian Heritage, it means: Everyone to the table to eat, in Italian. It’s perfect above the double windows. Liana the shop owner did such a beautiful job on this piece I can’t wait to order something else from her.


This is our last full week of summer before we get back into early morning routines for the boys and one back to school favorite in our house is these breakfast burritos, you just scramble an egg, warm up a tortilla add a sprinkle of cheese and some delicious salsa and wrap.You could also add bacon or sausage if you wanted to. A perfect quick on the go breakfast for school mornings, You can wrap them in foil to keep them warm in the oven and make them earlier before the kids are up. We love the Trader Joes Tomatillo and Yellow Chili Salsa and their homemade tortillas.



Later on this week I plan on taking a trip to Pier One and checking out their house and fall decor, Hopefully I find some great things to share!  I haven’t been there in forever and they always have such cute stuff. I hope you have a wonderful last full week of August!

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