My Organized Life: Boys Bathroom Vanity Organization

Hey Guys!

I can’t believe summer is coming to a close, less than a week before school starts and it has me going through our routines and doing some organizing to make sure things run efficiently here in the mornings.

One of the busiest places on school mornings besides the kitchen is the boys half bathroom and starting this year they both need to be out the door at the same time. I decided to reorganize their bathroom vanity to make it much easier to find and put away their things each morning.

Here are some before pics….



I started by pulling everything out of their vanity and wiping down all the drawers and cabinet. Then I had them sort through what they were keeping and what they wanted to toss, along with who used what on a regular basis. They each had a pile of their own products. I like to involve them in these sorts of projects and get their input since it’s their space. They can tell me what they need to help keep things neat and their also more willing to follow through with keeping it organized because they helped design a system that works for them.  I like to think their future wives will thank me some day! 


Little Miss Luna is my sidekick for every project…here she is supervising.


I had gotten three clear bins at HomeGoods to put underneath the cabinet and labeled each one with their name so they would have their own products separated and no one was mixing up mouth wash, which seriously with boys can happen!  The third bin is for extra toilet paper but could easily be used for a third sibling if you had more than two boys. 



They each have their own drawer in this bathroom as well, so we went through those and weeded out products they don’t like or don’t use and tossed those. The only thing that stayed were items they use on a daily basis or will be using in the near future.



It looks so much better!

Both boys are really happy with how it turned out and I have been checking when I’m in there cleaning and they’re both using the bins and putting their things away. It’s so nice because nothing is left on the counters making my Daily Routines go much quicker and I don’t need to waste time putting things away to wipe down the counter.

If you enjoyed this project check out my post about  Organizing The Kitchen Junk Cabinet.

One of my winter projects with Mr.JMM is to repaint and decorate the three upstairs bathrooms and once they’re finished I will do bathroom tour posts. In the meantime I hope this post is helpful if your children share a bathroom. 

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Have a wonderful day!!


Mrs. JMM

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