Mrs JMM’s Weekly Round-Up # 6

Hey Guys,

Happy first full week of September! This beginning of my favorite months, I just love this time of year straight through to Christmas! Then it’s cold and snowy here for a few months so I try to enjoy every moment of the Holidays.


I don’t have a lot to share this week, we’re in-between projects at the moment while Mr.JMM and I plan what we’re going to work on next and we took some time to spend as a family this weekend. I did do a little bit of shopping for Fall decor which I shared on Instagram in my Stories.

It  was also the first week back to school and it definitely made everyone tired for the weekend, my youngest was ready for bed by 7 Friday night.  It always takes all of us a couple of weeks to get into a routine.

I have two Labor Day weekend traditions,, one is to make these cookies and the other is to decorate our porch for Fall.

On Friday I went to our favorite nursery to pick out mums for our front porch, I have always gone the Friday before Labor Day weekend. I beat the rush that comes with the weekend and to me I like to look at it as more of a kick off of Fall then the end of summer, we should always look at everything as a beginning not an end.


This is how I decorated the front porch, I still need to add our pumpkins but we pick those later in the month when we take a trip to our favorite orchard.


While I was out I took a couple of bags of things to donate to GoodWill, I always keep a bag in one of our closets for things I no longer use and when it’s full I drop it off. It helps to keep things clutter free and organized.

I also took some time Friday afternoon to add some more Fall decor around the house. It was 58 and breezy here and definitely put me in the Fall mood. I will be working on it some more over the next week too.

On Saturday, we decided it would be fun to get some fireworks, have a fire, make some s’mores and get pizza for dinner.  The firework store was having a buy one get two free sale and we had so much fun picking stuff out.


My favorite way to have a s’more is with a slice of Snickers!! It’s so good, if you haven’t tried it you should!!

On Sunday we got some much needed rain in the afternoon, so I was able to catch up on some reading and continue on with my Fall decorating. I also snuck in a nice little afternoon nap which I feel like Sunday afternoons were made for.

I love to place seasonal wreaths on mirrors as part of my decor. This is one of the items I got when we went to Pier1 and I love it on this mirror in our dining room, it’s on sale and you can find it here.


We ended the day enjoying our movie room and watching movies as a family. The movie room tour post will be up in a few weeks, I’m planning on taking pictures this week of the space.

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Have a wonderful week!!



2 thoughts on “Mrs JMM’s Weekly Round-Up # 6

  1. Jennifer, it sounds like you’ve been so productive! Always great when the kids (and moms) are slowly but surely re-adjusting to a school schedule! I’ve loved seeing all your gorgeous fall touches — may I just say those mums are some of the prettiest I’ve seen!! Thank you for sharing all your helpful tips and sale finds too. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Debbie, Thank you so much!! I have a local nursery I go to for all of my flowers and even my Christmas wreaths. It’s small and family owned which is why I love it. This adjustment will be much easier once we have a regular 5 day week and I can get into a somewhat normal routine. Haha! 😊


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