How We Turned A Spare Bedroom Into A Movie Room/Home Theater

Hey Guys!!

I’m so excited to write this post and to finally share our movie room with you.

The idea first came about last Thanksgiving which seems like a lifetime ago now! One of our favorite family traditions at the end of the day is to get our dessert and watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation to kick off the Christmas season.

As the years have gone on we started to notice with the two boys (who aren’t getting any smaller) me, my husband and two almost 90lb black labs, we all didn’t have as much room as we’d like. Our living room while spacious does not allow for a lot of stretched out sitting during family movie nights.

Well last Thanksgiving we had this bright idea to watch the movie in our master bedroom with everyone crowded on the bed except Trever because we had brought his recliner in from his room, he was probably the most comfortable of all of us. It was hilarious and all I kept thinking was please don’t let anyone spill pie while the dogs were hoping someone would. Haha!!

We had an extra bedroom in our house that wasn’t being used for anything, it was just sitting empty. We started talking about how cool it would be to turn it into a home theater for movie nights and the rest of Thanksgiving vacation everyone kept adding to the ideas for this movie room. It came into every conversation, we’re out trying to cut down a Christmas tree talking about seating and if we should go with a wrap around sectional or separate recliners. Later on that Friday by the time we had the tree decorated we had the whole thing designed.

My husband and I agreed we would do it, but we were going to do it piece by piece and pay cash along the way for everything. We’re not fans of putting things on credit cards or financing things and we were already in the middle of some other home improvement projects so it took us about 9 months to do all the renovations and purchase all the items we wanted for the room. Let me tell you it feels so good to sit down in a space and watch a movie that may of taken a little longer to put together but we know there is no debt behind it.

After going back and fouth about seating we decided to do a sectional instead of four recliners. Our reasoning for this was if the boys wanted a group of friends over to watch a movie we wanted them to have plenty of room for seating and not be limited to 4 seats. The other reason was the way the room is set up we couldn’t do more than four recliners and the sectional filled the space better.

In December during Christmas vacation once everyone had talked about what they wanted in the space we went and looked at different sectional options to get some prices for what we were interested in at our favorite local furniture store.

I had originally wanted leather because I prefer how easy it is to clean but they didn’t have the look we were going for in the size sectional we wanted.

We were looking for something that would wrap around and take up most of the wall space in front of the television and give everyone plenty of room to spread out while watching a movie. We had to take into consideration that the closet door is on the TV wall so the tv wouldn’t be perfectly centered with the room but more on the wall. If that makes sense. So that left a small space on one side of the couch perfect for a concession area.

We picked out this piece from Ashley Furniture and in the photo below you can see Trever testing it out. We ordered it in February after we painted the room and got rid of that awful orange color!. The one pictured in the store had a chaise lounge but we ordered it to have a a full size couch on the sides and a love seat in the middle to completely wrap around the room that way there was lots of extra seating.


This is what the room looked like before, if you’ve been following me for any length of time you know I despise this pumpkin spice orange color the previous owners had on many of the walls. I was so happy to say goodbye to another pumpkin colored room.


We painted the walls the same color we have throughout our house, Mink by Sherwin Williams, it’s a really pretty gray.

Alright if you’ve read this far and didn’t skip ahead for pictures first of all thank you so much for taking the time to read the story behind the room and now let’s get this tour started!

The is the view upon walking through the door, we’re going to switch out these shades for room darkening ones but I waited because I needed the natural light for photos.


Mr.JMM made all of the furniture for this space with the exception of the concession stand that we found at HomeGoods at the same time we found the coffee table that he remade the top for. The original top was cracked so we got it on clearance and Mr.JMM and Trever worked on making something better. They removed the old top and made a new one out of leftover hardwood flooring we had from another project.

This table is perfect size for a coffee table in this space, we just wanted something big enough to hold drinks, popcorn and candy without being intrusive to those trying to get to their seat.


The entertainment center Mr.JMM and I designed together to perfectly fit the DVD player and surround sound components with some extra spaces on the bottom for storage bins to store extra candy and items for the room.


This is the view from the opposite side of the door……


We decided a 65 inch tv would work perfectly on the wall in front of the sectional and everyone is close enough it doesn’t need to be bigger. We had talked about possibly doing a projector but decided we liked the look of the tv better. We scored a great deal on the TV at BJ’s Wholesale right before the SuperBowl. That is one of the best times to buy a new tv if your looking!


IMG_0981All of the movie posters in the room are from , they have a great selection and everything came looking beautiful, I will definitely order from them again as I add some more details to the space. I actually just ordered the movie poster for Christmas Vacation to add as an ode to the creation of this room. Each member of the immediate family picked their favorite movie of all time to go on the wall as part of the decor.

Return of the Jedi is Brenden’s

Expendables is Mr.JMM’s

Lego Movie is Trevers.

The Conjuring is mine.


The Lincoln Lawyer is an inside family joke so we had to have that one and a print of the original Halloween movie because that is the scary movie that started it all and most of us in the house love scary movies especially me.

All the prints are framed in snap frames that I found on Displays to Go, the frames are mounted on the wall and actually open so you can change the posters whenever you choose. I love this because I’m sure at some point soon The Lego Movie will be replaced with some sort of WWII movie that Trever will choose.




The Cinema sign above the window is from Hobby Lobby and one of the first decor purchases we made for this room. I think it was one of the few times Mr.JMM and the boys enjoyed me dragging them into Hobby Lobby!


The Now Playing remote and dvd holder is one of my favorite pieces of decor in the room and the Etsy shop owner was wonderful to work with. She customizes them to the color your want for your space. You can find it here.


The furniture and shelving is all stained in Minwax Dark Walnut stain and poly’d with a triple poly for easy cleaning.


The yellow switch plate cover is from Hobby Lobby and I think Mr.JMM picked that out. It’s so cute!


I had to special order this switch plate cover below because we needed one with two switches from Etsy and you can find it here.


The popcorn bowl is from Crate and Barrel and under $20 it’s a huge bowl and perfect for popcorn, you can find it here. 


The concession area candy jars I found at Target and the lamp and stand are from HomeGoods. All the movie size candy is also from Target.



The blankets and pillows are from HomeGoods, except for the UGG one that was a gift for me from Mr.JMM last Christmas and he got it at Nordstrom. It’s amazingly soft and you can find it here..

All the items I chose for this space were soft and I knew everyone would want to curl up with during a movie.



In the walk in closet Mr.JMM made the dvd shelves to fit the dvd’s perfectly and then put a wider one at the top for extra blanket and concession storage. I have all of the movies alphabetized and left extra space for more because we’re always buying new releases and classics we may of missed. The bottom shelves are tv shows and the bottom far right are our christmas movies., I have more shelving to the right of the door for additional movies and the shelves are done in the same way.



I hope you enjoyed reading about how we took an empty average size bedroom and turned it into a home theater for under $3000. The biggest purchase was the sectional and second was the television. After that were the frames for the posters, which was well worth the investment because unlike a matted frame we can change the posters out over time. We already had a Bose surround sound that worked perfectly for this space so we didn’t have to buy a sound system. It is a space that we use weekly during the colder months and will get many years of enjoyment out of it.


Mr JMM along with the help of our son Trever did a fabulous job making all the furniture and shelves for this space.

We are looking forward to watching many a movie in this room for years to come. We’ve already started making our way through our favorite Fall movies.

Thanksgiving is going to be so much fun this year!

If I missed anything or you have a question don’t hesitate to reach our either below in the comments or on Instagram. I would be happy to answer any questions you have about this project.

If you haven’t subscribed yet I would love it if you would click that button over on the right or sign up via email. I would hate for you to miss any of my future posts!

Have a wonderful week!!



7 thoughts on “How We Turned A Spare Bedroom Into A Movie Room/Home Theater

  1. This is fabulous, Jennifer!!! So many really fun details! The sectional couldn’t be more perfect for this space — looks SO comfy. And your knack for finding just the right pieces to make a room cozy and charming is evident in every inch. I have a feeling you’ve just started something here — everyone who needs a room to chill with their family, especially as kids get older, are going to be transforming those unused bedrooms into media rooms. This is really awesome!! 🙂 One of my favorite pieces is that table you made a top for. It was so smart to make it with the angled edges so that getting in around it easy for everyone. Love the way that turned out. Haha sorry for the paragraph here — it’s just all such good stuff!! Well done!


    1. Thank you so much Debbie!! I agree with you I love that table too!! I really wish I had taken a before picture…haha!! I really appreciate your sweet words, it made my day!! It’s such a fun space to use as a family.


  2. First…applause, applause to you guys for doing this on a cash basis! It’s hard to exercise that kind of patience, especially when it’s a goal you really want achieved as fast as possible. I commend you for having the restraint! Second…your husband ROCKS with making stuff!!! Fabulous, one-of-a-kind pieces for a fraction of the cost if purchased! Sturdy, rugged, yet beautiful. I LOVE it! Third…what? No rom-coms in your movie collection?!!??!?! 😉 And last, but not least, the room looks FANTASTIC!!!! Teamwork, patience, research, and a clear vision handsomely paid off! Enjoy!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!! I appreciate all of your sweet words!! It was definitely worth having it paid for as we went along. It would of taken the joy away from it if we owed money for something in what was supposed to be a relaxing space. 😊Oh no there are lots of rom-coms in the collection just scary movies are my first favorite. I’m even more of a Hallmark movie junkie too. 😂


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