Mrs.JMM’s Weekly Round Up #8

Hey Guys!!

Wow another week in September has gone by, how crazy is that?!?!?!

I think the first full week of the school year went smoothly and it was nice to have a full five days to get back into my own routine. I always find it hard when everyone has Monday off because it just throws the week off. Does anyone else feel that way?

We had planned to go apple picking over the weekend but decided to wait until later in the month because the weather here has gotten hot and humid again. It just doesn’t seem right to go to the orchard when it’s so warm out. Hoping those wonderful Fall temps we had earlier in the month make a quick return.

In my weekly travels I did find some fun home decor finds….

I ran into Target on Wednesday and they finally had their Fall decor out in the main section and I found this super cute sweater pumpkin and some more Halloween candy for the candy jar. This adorable pumpkin was only $6 and they also had orange but the white one was my favorite.


One of my favorite purchases has been these adorable Fall mugs I had ordered over Labor Day weekend. I got them from Pier 1 for my  tea and raw honey that I like to enjoy with a good book, I realized I didn’t have a single Fall mug while I was trying to take a cute photo the other day. How can that be? Well we fixed that with these super sweet Hello Autumn mugs that you can find here. 


On friday I went into Hobby Lobby to look for some decor items for my husbands office but ended up finding some wall decor for the master bedroom, dining and kitchen. Go figure! Haha!

I always have so much fun puttering around in that store, I always find cute things and if you download their app on your phone they always have a 40% off one regularly priced item to use.

I took a swing through the Christmas decor but didn’t buy anything, it just didn’t feel right, give me a couple more weeks. haha! I’m also looking for a couple specific Christmas decor items and if I find those I will be purchasing right away.

Anyway I digress back to the decor I found…I picked up this gorgeous Kitchen sign to hang above the sink in the kitchen. This sign is probably one of the larger ones I’ve ever purchased. I had actually look at it on multiple visits to Hobby Lobby but kept talking myself out of it thinking I didn’t have a place for it. I’m glad I finally decided to get it because it fits perfectly in this space. IMG_4230.jpg

I had been looking for something to go over the sliding glass door in the dining room and spotted this Family sign, the coloring of this sign goes so well with the paint color in the dining and kitchen.

Our paint color in this space is Current by Sherwin Williams, if your looking for a pretty burgundy wall color this is it!  I really love a red kitchen and dining room.


The last thing I found was this sign sweet sign it’s the perfect size for a corner in our master bedroom that doesn’t have any art. You can also see another shot of that sweater pumpkin in this photo. I put that in our bedroom because it just looks so cozy, besides Fall decor can pop up anywhere in our house.


Mr.JMM was kind enough to hang them all up for me over the weekend, I’ve learned it’s so much easier to have him do it perfect the first time. haha!!

On Saturday, Mr.JMM and I went to a local tile store to talk to them about having the tile replaced throughout our first floor. We have lived in this house about 2 1/2 years and when we bought the house it was only 3 years old. Unfortunately whoever was hired to put the flooring in this house didn’t do it right and some of our grout is crumbling away. The existing tile isn’t our style anyway so we look forward to getting rid of it replacing the tile with something we love.

After our tile adventure we went to Target to get our annual flu shots, we do this every year and Target does a $5 gift card with every flu shot which turns out to be free money because our insurance covers the vaccine.

While we were waiting for the Pharmacist to be ready we puttered around Target for a few minutes. I ended up finding the big brother sweater pumpkin to the cute one I talked about earlier in this post. It was $9 and I used the $10 in gift cards so I scored another one of these sweater pumpkins for free. Seriously!! How cute is this pumpkin!?!?


I also found this candle holder on clearance for 50% off and I paid $7.48 for it, I like to use these to protect my Bath and Body Works candles when their burning. This one has a base making it perfect for burning a candle on the table it keeps the heat off the wood. It could also be used as a vase so I can get a couple uses out of this purchase. I have it filled with pumpkins for the photo because clear glass is always hard to photograph. It looks cute this way too.


Saturday night we watched a movie and ordered pizza, we watched The Village, it came out in 2004 and I had seen in the theater and remember it being kind of corny, it wasn’t too scary but still had a little suspenseful feel with a what the heck were they thinking when they wrote this vibe. Haha! I wouldn’t recommend it but it was movie on onf of those triple feature dvds so we just watched it. I can’t see anyone here watching it again. I personally love a great horror movie with lots of jump scares and this just didn’t have that at all.

On Sunday the Patriots were playing so my husband relaxed and watched football and I started a new book after I was done getting ready for a new week. I appreciate all of you football fans out there I just personally would rather not watch. I also made a pot roast in the crock pot which kept the house smelling amazing all day. It was 80 and humid out but thanks to the air conditioner we pretended it was a nice Fall day. Haha!

Anyone else out there like coleslaw with just about everything? You can find an amazing recipe for this coleslaw here.


That about does it for this weeks weekly round-up, keep an eye out on Friday for one of my favorite Fall recipes, if you don’t want to wait until then I highly recommend you try these muffins!!

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Have a wonderful week!!


















4 thoughts on “Mrs.JMM’s Weekly Round Up #8

  1. Hi, Jennifer! I agree — seriously, where has this month gone?! Sooo excited that we’re finally getting a Hobby Lobby here! Everyone keeps showing the cutest things they find there and now I get to shop there! 🙂 The sign above the pass through in your kitchen is just perfect for the space. Really, really perfect! Thanks for all the tips and deals you’ve found. Last, but not least, your dinner looks amazing!! I’m such a fan of all the great recipes you always post. 🙂 ~ Debbie


    1. Thank you!! Your going to love Hobby Lobby!! I have so much fun going in there to look for decor. Plus they always have a 40-50% off sale on certain depts each week. Such good deals. 💖


  2. I was reading your bio, and I see that you live in Maine. How wonderful must that be?!!?!? I’ve never traveled there, but I have a blog friend who lives there half the year (the winters are too much for them there, so they head off to another home in sunnier climes) and she always posts such gorgeous pics. Autumn in Maine must certainly be what heaven looks like! Anyhooooo…great score on the cable knit sweater pumpkins! Bargains always help me feel good! Good luck on the floor tile project. My husband and I are facing the same challenge thanks to recent flooding here in the Kansas City area that took out the carpeting on our lower level. We’re going to have to face reality and trade carpeting for tile. The bar area is already tiled, but we’ll have to have it taken out just so the whole room will be the same. What a pain! Choosing just the right tile can be a daunting task. It was for our master bath! I hope you have an easier go of it than we did. Too many choices!😃 Have an awesome weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Alycia! The winters here are definitely cold! Not my favorite season but my husband and sons love ice fishing and snowmobiling. I would rather be inside where it’s warm!! Haha!! The flooding sounds awful, I hope the carpeting was all you lost. Tile is so much better and should last forever unless you have a situation like we’re going through. Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well!! We’re celebrating my oldest 13th birthday but I can’t wait to spend some time exploring your blog as well! 💕


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