Mrs.JMM’s Weekly Round-Up #9

Hey Guys!!

What a week!! The weather here has been insanely hot and humid which is not normal for us here in Maine this time of the year. I’m really hoping that wonderful Fall weather we had earlier in the month returns. Unfortunately the weatherman informed me we have no significant cool downs in our near future.

We’re holding off on planning a family day to our favorite orchard and pumpkin patch for a cooler day but it’s looking like it will be shorts and t-shirts this year to pick our pumpkins and find our way through the corn maze.

Alright, lets chat about some fun finds from last week shall we?

I ran into Old Navy to do a return and picked up a couple of these lightweight scarves, these are perfect to add a little something to my favorite black sweaters which I bet by now you know I have many! Haha!! Right now they’re 40% off with the code FAMILY bringing the price to just under $11, the sale goes until the end of the day today. (9/25) You can find them here along with some other great prints.


I also I ran into HomeGoods to check to see if they had any new Rae Dunn Pottery. I’m trying to finish my canister collection,  add some more bowls and a few mugs. When you love tea as much as me you can never have to many mugs!

I was lucky enough to get the flour canister this time around!! This made my day!!  I will continue to search and honestly it’s kind of fun because when you do find something it’s like Christmas.


Later on in the week we had a flooring company come out and see about redoing our tile and I wasn’t impressed by the mess it’s going to make tearing out all the existing tile. Not to mention the amount of time it could take and the possibility it could go into early November just about gives me a nervous breakdown. I told Mr.JMM I’d rather wait and work on some smaller projects until we get past the Holidays. No way can I have this place torn apart for weeks with dust everywhere. We have so many wonderful Holiday traditions that I don’t want to even think about my house turned upside down for even a minute and it’s not an urgent fix so it can definitely wait.

When I was in Target getting some household essentials I found the cutest Mat for the front porch and it was only $12.99.


I also found a  floor lamp for my office  which I had been looking for since I got my antler chair. Now I can finish decorating that corner of my office.

I spray painted the lamp a brushed nickel because it only came in brass and with a gray office and chair I felt a more silver toned metal would look better.  The photo is of the lamp on the box but I will post the finished lamp with the chair in next weeks round-up.

The lamp is actually straight but I tore the box when I opened it and it wouldn’t sit straight for a photo! Haha!!



Saturday was a fun day celebrating our oldest Sons 13th birthday, I still can’t believe I’m the mom of a teenager. I find it quite funny because I have had many people say I look way to young to have two kids in middle school. I’m actually 36 but thank you to that nice lady who came up to me the other day and ask what grade I was in in High School. (Insert eye roll here.) I know this is something I will appreciate someday but I actually find it rude for anyone to walk up to someone and make an assumption about age. Ok I didn’t mean to go off on that tangent. Haha!!

Back to Brenden’s bday, we had a wonderful time celebrating with all of the days foods requested by Brenden, French toast, fresh apples from the orchard, bacon and scrambled eggs to start the day and  I really wish I had taken a photo but we were having such a nice time I didn’t even think to snap a picture.

I did get this photo of these delicious honey-crisp apples and fresh cider straight from the orchard.


For lunch we went to Buffalo Wild Wings as requested by the Birthday Boy. I’m not the biggest fan of wings but those fries were so good I may seriously just get a plate of those next time one of the boys requests we go there. Ha!




Later in the day we had a wonderful family dinner of homemade Lasagna. I think B asks for this every year its one of his favorite meals.


He asked for brownies and fruit topped cheesecake for dessert which I didn’t take a photo of……blogger of the year!! Hahaha!!!

It was a wonderful family day celebrating a very special young man, hard to believe when I brought him home 13 years ago I had no clue what I was doing. Now motherhood is just apart of me.

On Sunday we had a relaxing home day, the Patriots played in the afternoon so Mr. JMM enjoyed watching the game while I worked on some upcoming blog posts and read some of my book. I also planned a few upcoming projects with Mr.JMM. We had been waiting to redo our mudroom until the floors were done but with us unsure of when we want to take on that huge project we decided to start the mudroom and a few other smaller projects that can be done easily before the Holidays.

That’s it for this weeks adventures, I hope you have a wonderful week!  If you enjoyed reading these types of posts you can find more like it here and here.

Keep an eye out for my monthly favorites coming up this week as well.

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Have a wonderful week!!








4 thoughts on “Mrs.JMM’s Weekly Round-Up #9

  1. My husband and I sat in total disbelief as Tom Brady pulled that 11th hour rabbit out of his hat! We just sat there with our mouths open, despite our knowledge of Brady’s track record for saving the day. Unbelievable day of football around the league, including our Kansas City Chiefs rolling to 3-0. I love football!!! Meanwhile, you were also visiting some of my favorite places: Home Goods, Old Navy = Hog Heaven!!!!! I get in TROUBLE at those stores! Glad you were able to score some great finds!

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  2. Such a good round-up, Jennifer!! As always! 🙂 Don’t ever feel bad for forgetting to take a pic because you were really present with the ones who really matter — blogger’s constant dilemma, I understand. Have a wonderful week, friend!!

    Liked by 1 person

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