Mrs.JMM’s Weekly Round-Up- Special Fall Edition….

Hey Guys!!!

I’m doing a special edition of my weekly round up this week in honor of it being the first week of October. This is going to be a bit of a Fall Home Decor Tour. Grab a cup of tea and maybe some pumpkin goodness like these cookies or muffins and enjoy!

If you love my shopping hauls don’t worry I have some shopping to do this month for some decor and house projects we’re working on so there will be lots of fun things to share with you in the coming weeks!!

Not to mention Christmas will be quickly approaching which means I’ll be looking for decor and gifts.

Alright let’s get started, I will link anything thats still available online and if it can’t be found online I will mention the store where I found it. Also if you see something in a photo I missed and want details just leave me a comment below!

Let’s get this tour started with one of my favorite Fall decorated spots……

I like to keep the porch simple because you never know when we will see snow fly here in Maine, we’ve gotten it on Halloween before.  One year we even had a random storm drop 18inches of snow on Nov 2nd. While that is not the usual, our weather is unpredictable. I stay with mums which I have by the door and also hanging baskets (those are not pictured)  and usually pumpkins but we haven’t yet been to the pumpkin patch so I will be adding those later. On the door is on of my favorite Fall wreath.

Here is an photo of that crazy storm, the leaves weren’t even done falling…


I ordered this adorable WELCOME sign from Etsy, it seems to travel around my house for photos. You can find it here.

The wreath I found at A.C. Moore 3 years ago and I can’t imagine it’s still available but the last time I was there they had some really cute Fall door decor.


This welcome Mat is from Target for $12.99 you can find it here. 


I added a few Fall touches to my office, on top of my favorite bookshelf that Mr. JMM made me a few years ago and of course a pumpkin candy jar for those afternoons I’m working in my office and want a sweet treat.

I got the adorable glass pumpkin candy jar at AC Moore and the little wood sign at HomeGoods.


This sweet little black and white pumpkin is from HomeGoods. you will probably see that as a theme here, I love that store! haha!! I love to use my books as part if my decor these are ones waiting to be read.


Our living room with the fireplace is really the focal point of the downstairs so I always add a little more decor to this space than any other. It’s so much fun to style this area and add in old and new pieces.

The wooden THANKFUL marquis sign is from Target 3 years ago and I haven’t seen anything there like it since and honestly I wish they would bring them back! I love that it lights up.The leaf garland is from A.C. Moore.


See that WELCOME sign again, this is currently it’s home.

The adorable Gather pillow which also lights up is from Pier 1 and is no longer available online but they do have some other great Fall pillows on sale and you can find a selection of them here.


These pumpkin candle holders are so cute, I love having them on the mantle with LED votives in them to be lit with the THANKFUL sign during the darker afternoons of Fall, you can find them here.


Late afternoon is my favorite time to enjoy our living room especially with the sunshine coming through the windows. I love how bright and sunny our house is throughout the day.


The throw blankets on the back of the couch that my lovely little cat has claimed as her own are from HomeGoods and the Welcome pumpkin is from Hobby Lobby. They’re doing 40% off all Fall decor if your looking!

My Fall pillows are from Crate and Barrel  a few years ago and are no longer available but they do have some really wonderful everyday and Holiday themed pillows.


This mug is from Pier 1 and is currently my favorite Fall mug, you can find it here. 


This pumpkin sign is from HomeGoods and the wooden pumpkin is from Hobby Lobby.


The kitchen and dining area is such a fun place to add more classic decor because this is where we celebrate the wonderful meals of Fall and of course the grand finale Thanksgiving. I also spend a lot of time in the kitchen with the boys in the afternoons during the school week. I always keep a candy jar on the counter filled with their favorite Halloween candy which is not pictured but it’s another one of those clear glass pumpkins like you saw in my office. One thing I do is to try and keep the decorations simple enough that my counters don’t look cluttered for easy kitchen clean up in the evenings.

I found this adorable Fall centerpiece at Hobby Lobby along with the matching LED candles for 40% off. I love that place as much as HomeGoods. I always find the cutest things there. This will be so nice to light in the evenings after the time change when it’s getting dark here at 4:00 in the afternoon, the table runner is from HomeGoods.


This wreath has got to be one of my favorite Fall decor items I have ever purchased. You can find it here and currently on sale!

I love to use a command hook to add a wreath to a mirror for little added decor during the Holidays.


The Welcome Fall sign is from A.C,Moore and I found it there more than 5 years ago but they always have cute wall hangings like this. I ended up cutting the strings off and using it here against one of my wooden cutting boards. The leaf candle holder is from Bath and Body Works a few years ago, you can find some similar ones here. 

Where that vase sits in this photo is now replaced with the pumpkin candy jar I memtion above. The kids enjoy that while doing homework!


This is another version of the metal pumpkin holder which I bought for my entryway table but thats probably not going to be ready for me to use in time for this year but I will have it for next year and can’t wait to finally use it. You can find this candle holder here and I wanted to make sure to mention it because it’s on clearance!! It matches those little ones you saw earlier too. You can also read the story of the EntryWay table here. 


I also like to keep some Fall scented dish soap in the kitchen along with hand soap and  fun Fall scented hand soap in the bathrooms as well.

Mrs Meyers Clean Day always has wonderful Fall scented dish soap, you can sometimes find them at Target if they haven’t already sold out.  It is currently sold out on Mrs Meyers website but the site says they’ll be restocking it soon, once it’s back in stock you can find it here.

Bath and Body Works hand soaps are a Fall favorite in our house and they’re always running some sort if promo. You can find them here.


One of my favorite things to do in the Fall with the family is going to a local Farm to pick apples and pumpkins. I love to enjoy fresh cider and cider donuts and take a stroll through their elaborate corn maze. It’s such a wonderful Family Fun Day!


This little spot between the downstairs guest bathroom and hallway is the perfect place to add a little touch of Fall.

I found this Fall printable on Etsy and just placed it in a frame I already had, the candy jar pumpkin and table runner are from HomeGoods a few years ago but they always have great Fall decor.


In our Master Bedroom I don’t go crazy just a couple little Fall touches, a fall scented candle, usually Marshmallow Fireside from Bath and Body Works. This candle smells amazing!!

When I saw this sweater pumpkin at Target I knew it would be perfect for this space. It has got to be my favorite pumpkin in the whole house. I found it this year at Target for $6 and it’s the cutest thing. It also comes in a larger size for $9.


I have the larger size sweater pumpkin in my husbands office, this actually started as a joke when he stole it out of my office but it ended up looking adorable so I let him keep it. Haha!


I really keep it simple with our family room being the most decorated space in the house. I like to add small touches of Fall throughout each room without making a space feel cluttered.

Thank you so much for coming along on this little mini Fall tour! I hope you found some inspiration for your own home.

Also If you have any questions or comments or you would like to know where something is from that I didn’t mention don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you. If you want to learn more About Me, click here. 

If you haven’t subscribed yet I would love it if you would click that button over on the right or sign up via email. I would hate for you to miss any of my future posts!

Have a wonderful week and Happy Fall!!






One thought on “Mrs.JMM’s Weekly Round-Up- Special Fall Edition….

  1. Jennifer, your home is beautifully cozy and and inviting and everything that makes me love fall!! I adore the wreath on the mirror and am going to try this wonderful look for Christmas! Thank you for all the links — your posts are always both inspiring and so helpful. From start to finish, all these photos just made me want to run out and buy more soaps and candles and pillows for fall! ~ Debbie


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