My Favorite Websites and Apps to Save or Earn Money While Shopping

Hey Guys!!!

Ten Saturdays until Christmas can you believe it? That means it’s time to start thinking about Christmas shopping!

One thing I bet we all love is saving money, with the Holidays quickly approaching  I wanted to share some websites I utilize on a regular basis to save money or in some cases make money while shopping. I bet I have your attention now!

The first is a website that I go through first before going to any online store and that is EBATES*.I have been using Ebates since 2012 and I love it! I first signed up around Christmas time when I was doing a lot of online shopping but now I use it every time I make an online purchase. I even have a post-it on my computer reminding me to “Check Ebates” Nothing annoys me more than when I click place order and realize I forgot to go through them for my rebate or coupons.

One of my favorite ways to use this is for my hair products, I spend a ton of money on products for my curly hair as I share with you in this post.  I’m going to buy those products on a regular basis anyway so I love that I make a little money back on those larger orders. I order all of my products through which currently has a 3% rebate on all purchases. I stocked up on products last week and earned over $6 back just for buying something I was going to buy anyway.

You must be thinking this is to good to be true how can this work like this.

Ebates* is paid by companies for sending customers to their stores and in return receives a commission for that referral, then they return a percentage of that to you in the form of a rebate check, you can choose to receive your cash via check or PayPal whichever you prefer.

They send a check quarterly for whatever you earned during that 3 months if your rebate balance is over $5.00 if not it will carry over to the next quarter.

My next rebate check goes out in November and is already up to $85 and a lot of that is just from back to school shopping. That will be increasing a little bit before they send my check because between now and then I will be starting my Christmas shopping.

My check before that was $39, it just depends how much online shopping I’ve done that quarter. If you shop online at all it’s worth it to sign up. They do promos throughout the year and you can get double cash back or extra bonuses for spending more at a store. I received $5 for spending over $25 at Macy’s in September plus my rebate. I was already going to spend that because I was getting clothes for the boys so it was a nice little bonus.

They also have active coupon codes listed under each store so it’s one stop and you have everything you need to shop online, earn and save some money.

If you love to shop online and your not already using it check it out! If you use any of the links above I do get a referral bonus and when you sign up and shop at your first store you get a $10 bonus!

My other favorite site and also phone app is RETAILMENOT if you haven’t downloaded this to your phone yet you should! It allows you to look for coupons while your in the store shopping and the cashier can scan it right from your phone while checking out. I use this a lot for Bath and Body Works if I forget my coupons at home, ugh I really hate when I do that but this app always saves the day. A couple months ago when I got all those candles for $10, this app is where the 20% off coupon came from.

It’s so easy to search the store your shopping in and see if they have any offers.

The last app I always have on my phone and honestly use weekly is for Hobby Lobby, they always have a 40% off one regularly priced item coupon. Its such a great deal when you find something in the store not on sale or promo.

You will never see me recommend something here on Sincerely, Mrs.JMM unless it’s something I swear by or have used for years, I have used all of these sites and apps for years and swear by them and recommend them to everyone I know.

If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you. If you want to learn more About Me, click here. 

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Have a wonderful rest of the week and Happy Shopping!!










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