My Organized Life: Under The Kitchen Sink

Hey Guys!!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any organization projects and this week I pulled everything out from underneath my sink to clean the inside of the cabinet and thought it would be a perfect time to show you how I organize this space. It’s also a great time to get rid of products you don’t use or need.

We often collect our cleaning products, sponges and random things in this cabinet and if we’re not careful it can become another junk cabinet. It can also cause you to spend extra money on products you may already have because your not aware of whats piling up in this space.

I have found that the best way for me to be as efficient as possible with my Daily Routines  is to keep my cleaning products as neat and easy to grab as possible. I keep all the products I use for downstairs cleaning in this cabinet, that way when I am doing my downstairs cleaning routines or need to clean up a quick mess they are close by and I don’t need to run upstairs to get something I need. I keep all of my products for upstairs cleaning in the linen closet upstairs.

I have some cleaning tips thrown in here too so keep reading even if you don’t need help organizing this cabinet.


All of my cleaning products are on Lazy Susan’s so I can just spin quick and grab what I need.

The one on the left is mostly full of my main everyday products, with the exception of the leather cleaner which fits perfectly in the center. It’s out of the way until I need it to clean the living room furniture.

On this lazy susan you will find my counter spray, anti-bacterial spray, glass cleaner which I use to clean my stainless steel and it does an amazing job without leaving streaks. If you decide to switch over to this method of cleaning stainless steel beware that it will take a few times of cleaning the appliance to get rid of the build up of waxes left behind from other “stainless steal cleaners.” So the first few times you may see streaks but just clean it a again and it will shine brightly!


I also have my wood cleaner, dish soap and a spray bottle with water/vinegar solution which I love to use for mirrors and windows. This is the best window cleaner I have ever used, not a single streak to be had after I clean with this.

The Lazy Susan to the right holds products I don’t use everyday but need one to two times a week. My container of Barkeepers Friend which I use to scrub stainless steel pots and the grates on my gas range. I only discovered this product within the last year and I love it! It’s so cheap too I want to say it was under $3 at Target! This lazy Susan also holds my soft scrub for when I want to disinfect this sink, I do this a few times a week. I also keep a large box of baking soda here for when I want to clean the sink drains, a cup of baking soda followed by a cup of white vinegar and then a hot water flush, disinfects the drains beautifully. You will also find the dog shampoo and a lint roller here, we have two black labs so those are both self explanatory. Haha!


To the far left I keep my dishwasher detergent because it’s closest to the dishwasher and behind that is a bin filled with sponges. I usually just buy the big package at Sam’s Club a couple times a year and that fills the bin up.


In the way back I have an extra flower vase and a couple of fire extinguishers. To the far right I keep the cleaning clothes I use to clean my counters and appliances.   In the morning I bring a hand full down from the upstairs linen closet where I store them. That allows me to grab one quickly when needed. I find that using these saves on paper towels and I just run them through the sanitize cycle on my washer when the bin starts to get low. 


By adding a few simple things to your under sink cabinet and only keeping things your actually going to use on a regular basis you can keep this space organized too.

I hope you were able find some tips here to help you with your cleaning and decluttering your under sink cabinet to make it a more functional space.

I have some room and closet redo’s in the works and have plans for reorganizing those once they’re done so if you love reading my organizing posts those will be coming up sometime in the near future. We are working on the mudroom now and I can’t wait to share the before and after with you. 

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Have a wonderful week!!



4 thoughts on “My Organized Life: Under The Kitchen Sink

  1. Well, dadgum it! Why on earth hadn’t I thought of this??!?!??!?! I’m going to get my hips to Walmart and get a few more Lazy Susans, maybe even a couple of tiered ones since our cupboards are so tall and deep. May as well make use of all that vertical space! This is a great idea!!!


  2. I LOVE this, Jennifer!! I’m so behind on reading all your wonderful posts — glad I can catch up because I’d hate to think I missed out on great ideas like this!

    Liked by 1 person

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