October Favorites

Hey Guys!!

Happy Halloween!! We don’t really celebrate all that much other than watching a movie and handing out candy now that the boys are older but if your celebrating I hope you have a wonderful time!

Can you believe that October is coming to a close already? The months are flying by and it’s already time for my October monthly favorites!! I have so many things I love about the month of October that it was definitely hard to narrow down a list of most loved things this month but I did it!

Of course if you’ve been following me for any length of time you know I’ve got to have a favorite Bath & Body Works candle. This months favorite and the one on repeat was Pumpkin Apple, this candle is the best of both Fall worlds, a little orchard mixed with some pumpkin spice making it one of my must have Fall candles each year, I love to burn this scent in the winter too so I always stock up on this one. It’s just one of those welcoming, home sweet home scents.


My favorite recipe for the month of October is definitely this Pumpkin Bread, I made a fresh one each Sunday and enjoyed it through the week every morning with a hot cup of green tea, some fruit and a couple hard boiled eggs. This pumpkin bread is one of those must bake on repeat Fall recipes, if nothing else from this months favorites you should try this bread!


My favorite cleaning product this month is the Method Honey Crisp Apple All Purpose Spray, between this and my Apple Cider scent from Mrs.Meyers our house smells amazing. This stuff smells like you just bit into an orchard fresh apple and leaves whatever room your cleaning smelling amazing. It’s an all natural cleaning product with no harsh chemicals which is a must for me when buying the majority of my cleaning products. This is a year round regular scent for Method and you can easily find Method products at Target.


In October I finally found the perfect clock for the living room while I was out shopping with my oldest son.  I was so excited to find this at HomeGoods because I had been looking for a bigger clock to replace the smaller one that had been there for a while and it fits perfectly over the table Mr.JMM made me.


While October always brings the need for pumpkin everything my favorite food this month was actually roasted butternut squash. This stuff is so good and I will eat it anytime of the day even with my breakfast. Hey! No judging! ; ) You can find my favorite recipe here. 


My favorite tea this month other than my beloved green tea is Tazo Tea’s Chamomile, it’s perfect with some raw honey in the late afternoon or evening when I want something to warm me up but don’t want caffeine, it has a nice mild flavor to which I love. You can find this brand at Target and sometimes your local grocery store.



It is so hard to narrow down one clothing item in October, I think I’m going to go with two, one boot and one sweater. My Vera Slouch Frye boots are so comfy and my absolute favorite shoe that I have in my closet. Unfortunately they’re no longer available so I can’t link them but I highly recommend the Frye brand if your looking to invest in a nice pair of leather boots.

Along with those boots I absolutely adore the Cotton Rag Sweaters from LLBean, these sweaters are so soft and warm. I have three of the colors I love them so much!


This month I highly recommed the book The Woman In Cabin 10, talk about a rollercoaster ride of a book! If you like suspense and mystery you should read this! It’s about a woman who goes on the cruise and witnesses a murder but no one believes her. It’s definitely a page turner you will want to finish in one sitting!


My favorite hair product for the month is the ‘It’s A 10’ Leave In Spray, I can’t even imagine not having this for my hair. It’s does so many amazing things, especially for my curly girls! It detangles, moisturizers, adds shine, helps prevent breakage just to name a few. This is a little pricey but it will last a while and is worth every penny! If I could only have 5 hair products for the rest of my life this would be one of them!


That’s it for my this months favorites, if you enjoyed this type of post and want to read more you can find my September Favorites here.

One thing I love about October coming to a close is the official start of the Holiday season, Hallmark Channel has 24 hour Christmas movies on and that means they’re permanently playing on my tv. Thank goodness my family of boys love me so much and tolerate my sappy movies. The planning has begun for Thanksgiving and Christmas and it’s just a wonderful time of year.

Also coming up in November, a mudroom redo before and after tour and some yummy Thanksgiving recipes and I also may have a few fun and festive extras like how I stay organized planning for big Holiday meals. Stay tuned!

Also If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to reach out, I love hearing from you and if you want to learn more about me click here.

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Have a wonderful week!!









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