Some Of My Most Loved Things Of 2017

Hey Guys!!

I can’t believe how fast 2017 flew by, it’s just crazy!! I had so many wonderful things happen over the last year this is just a few of my most loved things.

First of all I’m so glad I finally created this blog which had been something I had wanted to do for a few years. It has definitely allowed me to use my creative energy and share my passions with others. Not to mention I have met some really amazing people in the process, which I’m so grateful for.

Let’s talk yearly favorites……..

My favorite book of 2017 was definitely Secrets of Southern Girls by Haley Harrigan, if you haven’t read this book yet you really need to. It’s so good!! I have mentioned this book a few different times in other posts like this one and I can’t say enough good things about it. If you looking for a new book for the quiet days of January this is perfect!


My favorite clothing item of the year was definitely my favorite Express Jeans and at this point I have at least 20 pair. They don’t stretch out and they look cute with everything. I can’t recommend these jeans enough. I try other brands but I always come back to these as my favorite.


To go along with those jeans, my favorite accessory was blanket scarves, as soon as the temp started dropping here I traded in my lightweight scarves for these amazingly soft blanket scarves. I’m sure I’ll be wearing these well into 2018 since we won’t see Spring until sometime in April here in Maine. We have been known to have major snowstorms through March and even into April.


I discovered these  Cotton Ragg Sweaters from LLBean in 2017 and I love them, these sweaters are amazingly soft and wash so well. I did size up for a looser fit and I really wish they had more colors.


One of my favorites seems to come up every year are my Uggs, I have multiple pairs and styles but when the weather gets cold I always seem to turn to these as my go to boot. I still wear my other boots but my Uggs will always be a favorite when the cold starts moving in.


I have to mention SeaBags, I bought my first one in 2017 and received another one as a gift for Christmas. These bags are made from recycled sails right here in Maine. They’re beautifully crafted and are a workhorse of a tote bag. My first bag was the adorable black lab one and for those that don’t know I have two black English Labrador Retrievers who are like my two extra kids so this one was a perfect design for my first bag.


Two of my favorite hair products that I discovered in 2017 are the Kenra Professional Conditioners, I love the nourishing masque and the leave in conditioner. You can find a more in depth review here. 


My all time favorite lip product that carried over into this past year is Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment, this stuff is with me at all times. I just love it.


My favorite hand lotion is Kiehls Ultimate Hand Salve, this stuff is amazing and keeps your hands so soft. You can read some more about this here.


My favorite tea is still my beloved Green Tea, this will probably remain my favorite for years to come. I just love it that much! I enjoy it hot with raw honey along side my breakfast and iced and unsweetened at lunch time.


My favorite candle scent still belongs to my beloved Marshmallow Fireside from Bath & Body Works. I really wish this was a year round scent and not just Fall and Christmas! I stock up every year to get me through until they bring it back. They sell out quick but you may still be able to get it here. 


My favorite recipe of 2017 was this garlic cream sauce, I wish I had thought to do this earlier it is so easy and so good. It’s pretty much on a weekly rotation on the menu now!


My other favorite recipe of 2017 was these BBQ Chicken Burgers I eat one of these everyday for lunch with a salad or some roasted veggies and they are by far my current favorite lunch. I skip the bun for lunch but they are amazing on a toasted bun for dinner.


I would have to say my favorite piece of furniture purchased in 2017 is my Antler Chair from Pier 1. I picked this out as an accent chair for my office and it’s everyones favorite place to sit when they’re in my office.


In 2017 my love affair with Rae Dunn Clay began and I found myself making multiple trips to HomeGoods to complete my collection. I can’t get enough of how cute the large letter mugs are. Which also coincides with another favorite of mine from this past year and that was the mug rack that Mr.JMM made for me to display them all.  The Coffee & Tea sign that my sweet friend Dominique made for me is another favorite from the past year. You can find her on Instagram if your looking for a beautiful custom sign, I highly recommend her and her beautiful work.


The House Project I loved the most in 2017 is definitely our movie room, this is everyones favorite space in our house. We will be enjoying this space for years to come. You can find all the details about how we created this space here. 


With that I will wrap up my 2017 favorites!  I love some of these items so much you will probably see them again somewhere in 2018, maybe even in my monthly favorite posts!

I’m so excited to see what 2018 brings for adventures, memories, house projects and favorite products! I’m also looking forward to seeing what the second half of my first year of this blog brings. I’ve learned a lot in my first seven months and it’s been a such a fun journey.

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I hope you all have a very Happy New Year!




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