Happy New Year & A Fun Winter Tag

Hey Guys!!

Happy New Year!!! I can’t believe it’s officially 2018!!!

I was tagged by my sweet friend Tina from Missouri Magnolia to participate in this Winter Tag which is a fun list of questions, a couple are about the Holidays but most of them are winter related and since we’re headed into our coldest time of the year I thought this would be the perfect time for this post!

I’m going to tag some of my favorite lifestyle bloggers to join in on the fun too! Linsie from Lifestyled By Linsie, Teresa from  Everyday Countess, Ja’Net from Running On Clean, Haley from Art Fashion & Fun, Lauren from Braided Brunette & Jaclyn from Life Amid The Chaos I can’t wait to read your answers too ladies!!!

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

My favorite Holiday tradition is the day after Thanksgiving we have a family day and go to our local Christmas tree farm to pick out and cut down out tree. Then we come home and decorate it. We always have so much fun walking around picking out a tree and I drive my family crazy trying to find the perfect one. Thankfully they love me so much because I usually drag them around of 2 hours searching for the perfect one.


What is your favorite go-to winter lip product?

I can’t live without Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment, it’s my favorite lip product all year round but especially in the winter. I started using it after I started having a sensitivity to some of the chemicals in regular lip balm and haven’t used anything else since.


What is your favorite winter scent?

I have two favorite winter scents one is my favorite candle from Bath & Body Works Marshmallow Fireside and the other is fresh wood smoke from a chimney on a cold winter day.


What is your go-to winter fashion trend?

Scarves!!! I can’t get enough of them, I always find new ones to buy and in the winter I’m always wearing one.


What is your all time favorite holiday tune?

It’s so hard to pick just one favorite, there are so many great Christmas songs. Sleigh Ride is my absolute favorite though.

Do you prefer to travel or stay home for the holidays?

I definitely prefer to stay at home during the Holidays, once the boys were born it became an unspoken rule that we would be staying home. I like the boys to be able to spend Christmas at home not feeling like they have to be running all over the place.

What is your favorite winter skin care must have?

A really good lotion!! I wrote an entire blog post about some of my favorites. 


What is your favorite winter hair care product?

Kenra’s Nourishing Masque, is a must have winter hair care product for me!  I use this twice a week and the day of and after I get my hair colored for some extra moisture. My curls love this stuff and so do I! It’s definitely a holy grail product for me.


What is your favorite winter activity?

Does hibernating count? I’m not really big into winter activities, I enjoy reading a lot. My husband and sons are more into the winter activities than me.


Do you love or dislike the snow?

I love snow until about February when I’ve had enough of it. Here in Maine it can snow into April sometimes so it definitely gets old after a while.


What is one item on your wish list this year?

I didn’t have one specific item on my list that I really wanted this year, I just love seeing my family happy and healthy.  As I’ve gotten older I have found more enjoyment in watching others open gifts I pick out for them.

What is your favorite holiday treat?

My favorite holiday treat are chocolate & vanilla pinwheel cookies, they’re so good! These cookies remind me of my Dad who passed away when I was just about to turn 13 from lung cancer. The recipe for these cookies came from a cook book that was his and my mom made them for me every Christmas and now I make them every year and can’t imagine a Christmas without them.


Do you finish your holiday shopping before December or are you a last minute shopper?

I usually finish before December but this year time got away from me so I wasn’t done until a couple of weeks into the month. I did manage to have everything purchased and wrapped a week before the big day.

I hope you enjoyed reading my answers to these fun questions and look forward to seeing everyone else’s answers as well. If you want to see more of my favorites from 2017 check out this post. 

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Hope you have a wonderful week and a blessed New Year!



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