My Styling Routine for Naturally Curly Hair

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Hey Guys!!

I often get questions about what products I use and how I style my hair and I’m so excited to share this updated styling routine with you.

I want to start by saying this is my personal routine and it is what works best for me, all of the products I have listed are ones I love and swear by. Some of them I have used for years, I don’t choose products based on ingredients I just go with what works best for me.


I hope that this will be a guide for you to find your own holy grail routine so you to can fall in love with your curly hair like I have mine. If you want to read my story of how I fell in love with my curly hair you can find it here.


Written out if looks like it takes me forever to get ready in the morning but it’s actually about 15-20mins not including drying time. It takes about two hours for my hair to dry because I prefer to not use any heat on my hair and I don’t mind getting up early it gives me time to get some stuff done around the house before the family is awake.

After following the steps for co-washing my hair , it’s immediately time to style. I gently remove the towel from my hair and find my natural part. 

I divide my hair in half and drape my hair over my shoulders and style each side equally with the same amount of product. I go back and forth with each side before I move to the next product. Always make sure you mirror everything for each side, same amount and order of products

I start by spraying a leave in conditioner, my current go to is It’s a 10. If I could only choose 5 hair products for the rest of my life this would definitely be one of them! 


If I feel like my hair is in of need protein I will add a few sprays to each side with It’s A 10 with Keratin.

Biolage Hydrosource Daily Leave-In Cream is currently my second favorite leave in conditioner, two pumps on each side.

My second step is Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Relaxing Balm.I call this the crumb coat because it tames any beginning frizz.  6 pumps for each side. I go in a second time with an additional 4 pumps on each side. It seems like a lot but I have a serious amount of hair and not that much product comes out with each pump. If your hair isn’t as thick you can use less, it’s all about finding the balance for your hair. 


Next I apply a quarter size amount for each side of Macadamia Smoothing Curl Cream. I love this brand of products. I also use their deep conditioning treatment. This is another one of those must haves for me! 


After that I add Catwalk Curls Rock Amplifier this helps with curl definition and frizz. Two pumps for each side of my hair.


Before I add my next product I wash my hands and then add one pump of  Bed Head Foxy Curls to each side for a little extra shine and frizz control.

Then I flip my hair over and back quickly to give a little volume while its drying.

Now I flip it back over and adjust any out-of-place pieces that may have crossed over the part line but I do it quickly as to not play with my hair too much. Touching your hair to much before it dries will cause frizz. HANDS OFF!!

This is important. This is not the time to try to fix that random curl that woke up feeling sassy this morning, just let it be and later when you shake out your hair it will find it’s place.

Drying time for my hair is about two hours. Once it’s dry I flip it back over and take my hands and shake it out at the roots to give it lots of volume.

You can find links to all of my favorite products here.


If you are looking for more curly hair posts I have them all linked in a special section of my website that you can find here. 

Remember your curls are a gift! Embrace them!!

If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you. If you want to learn more About Me, click here. 

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Have a great week!!



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