My Organized Life- A Quick Review: Foregoer Handbag Organizer

Hey Guys!

I absolutely love large totes and handbags, but I hate that it’s so hard to keep everything organized in these huge bags. Of course I refuse to use anything smaller because this girl needs her large bags. The boys joke I could save the world with what I carry in my bag. Ha! Mr.JMM & the boys gave me this gorgeous Seabags of Maine Anchor Tote Bag  and I wanted to find an organizer for it so I could keep it neat and organized.


I searched Amazon for a purse organizer and found the Foregoer Felt Purse Insert Organizer. I got the size medium which fit perfectly in my medium size SeaBag but still leaves a little room on each side of my tote to add a bottle of water along with any extras one of the boys or Mr.JMM asks me to carry for them.



I also love that it has a big center area for my wallet, book, and my Mom kit as I call it. All the things you may possibly need in an emergency. Haha!!


It has outer side pockets for additional storage like your phone or papers and receipts.


I still have empty slots to add things when I need to and plenty of space for all the items I keep in my bag. It also has the cutest handles so you can easily lift it out and change it to another bag. This will make switching bags so much easier and it’s also budget friendly the size I got was under $25.

If your looking for a way to organize your tote bags or larger handbags and add a little structure to a bag I highly recommend this organizer.

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Have a great week!!



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