New Series! Hair Product Of The Month (January)

Hey Guys!

Starting in 2018 I’ve decided to showcase a hair product I love for curly hair once a month. It will be a short post giving you the details of a product I have either recently tested or that I have used for years and has become a holy grail product for me.

I can say with much certainty that I’m an expert when it comes to curly hair and I think it will be fun to share some of my favorite products with you. You will never see me recommend a product I don’t personally use in my regular hair routine.


In December I decided to change up my hair styling routine and try some new products, one of the products I fell in love with is the Kenra Professional Curl Defining Creme. I’ve actually replaced one of my products with this one I love it so much.


At little bit goes along way and I use it as my last step in my routine, it sets my curls and keeps the frizz away while adding a nice shine. Oh and it also smells amazing.

According to the Kenra website this styling product does the following:

  • Refines and separates curls
  • Promotes curl memory
  • Humidity-resistant
  • Helps to fight frizz and flyaways
  • Adds control and shine
  • Provides soft, touchable finish

After using it for a month I think it lives up to it’s description, the only one I can’t say yet is humidity because at the moment it’s the dead of winter and we we are lacking the moisture in the air but I have a feeling I’m still going to love it come summer too. I really love the shine it gives to my hair and the curl control as well. I highly recommend this product especially if your looking for a new product to help with frizz and curl definition.

I’m really loving the Kenra Professional line and have added a few of their products to my routine since I started trying their products so don’t be surprised if you see this brand on my blog again in the coming year. If your looking for a new conditioner check out this post, I talk about some of my favorite Kenra Professional Conditioner’s.

I always use a product for at least a month before I make a decision about it because strongly believe that curly hair needs time to adjust to a new product so I like to give my hair a good amount of time to get used to it. If you decide to try this or any other new product give it some time to see how your hair reacts and always try one new product at a time.

If your curious about my full styling routine you can find it here and you can find all of my curly hair posts here.

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Hope you have a wonderful week and a blessed New Year!



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