Monthly Favorites ~ January 2018

Hey Guys!

Can you believe January is almost over? It always seems like a really long month to me, probably because it’s so cold and snowy here. Maine winters are long so for me it just means we’re one month closer to warmer weather.

I have lots of fun favorites for this month.

My favorite home item and purchase this month were these luxury throw blankets from Ugg Home, these are so soft and they don’t pill or shed. I received my first one from Mr.JMM for Christmas a couple of years ago and it’s my favorite throw in the whole house. After going back and forth dealing with shedding and pilling while trying to find new throw blankets for the living room couch I finally gave in and invested in two more of these for the living room. We will get years of enjoyment out of these blankets which will make them worth every penny.


January’s favorite tea came about when my grocery store ran out of my favorite organic green tea and it was taking them forever to restock it so I finally decided to try a new one. This Numi Gunpowder Green Tea is my new favorite, I love that it’s non gmo including the tea bag too.


We have seen lots of snow this winter including a blizzard that left us with 18 fresh inches of snow and my LLBean Boots are a go to for me this time of year, not only do they keep my feet warm and dry but they look cute too. These are the original duck book and are handmade and hand sewn right here in Maine.


Another clothing favorite for me are American Eagle Distressed Jeans, I forgot how great their jeans were. I have picked up a few pairs with all of the post Holiday sales and they are my current go to this month. This pair is one of my favorites and look so cute with my Bean Boots and Uggs. I love that their reinforced so on the days that we have frigid temps I can still have the look of distressed jeans without freezing.


My favorite candle this month was Bath & Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel, this has such a sweet and comforting scent. Unfortunately it’s no longer available, I stocked up on it when they had the big candle sale in December.

IMG_3638 2

One of my favorite reads this month was The Wife Between Us by: Greer Hendricks &‎ Sarah Pekkanen. I read this book in less than two days, it was that good!! It was full of twists and turns that left me guessing and wondering what would happen next. If you love thrillers and suspense I can’t recommend this book enough! 


My favorite sweet treat of the month is OCHO Coconut Candies.

These are like an organic Mounds only they taste way better and if you love coconut anything I highly recommend these! I found them at Target in the candy section and they’re perfect for an afternoon treat.


That wraps up January’s favorites, I can’t wait to see what fun finds February brings!

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