Hair Product of the Month-March

Hey Guys!

This month’s feature hair product is one of my favorite deep conditioning treatments Macadamia Professional Ultra Rich Moisture Masque.

I’ve been using this masque for a few years and love how super moisturizing it is and it also smells amazing! I like to use this treatment a couple times a week all year round and before and after my color appointments. This deep conditioning masque is definitely a staple product for me to protect and strengthen my naturally curly hair. I apply it in the shower and finger comb it through to make sure it lightly coats all my curls. I leave it on my hair for about 5 minutes and rinse with cool water. I always see and feel the difference in my hair right away.


On the website it says

“Ultra Rich Moisture Masque gives coiled or coarse-textured hair an instant boost of moisture. It supplies nourishment to damaged, dry hair and strengthens each strand to help repair hair and defend against damage in the future. It locks hydration in and leaves hair shiny, healthy, and restored.”


I can’t recommend this product enough to my curly girls especially if you need a moisture boost.

If you decide to try this or any other new hair product make sure you give it some time to see how your hair reacts and always try one new product at a time.

If your curious about my full styling routine you can find it here and you can find all of my curly hair posts here.

If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you. If you want to learn more About Me, click here. 

Hope you have a wonderful week and a blessed New Year!



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