April 2018 Reads

Hey Guys,

This month was a slow reading month for me, we had a lot going on but thats okay it’s bound to happen sometimes even for the most avid readers.

I read five books in April and with the exception of one the books the other four were great reads. I added some non-fiction into this month to mix things up a little.

I hope you find something in this months reads to inspire you to pick up a new book.


The Broken Girls by: Simone St.James – This was my favorite book of the month and I think because it was so good I purposely read it a little slower so it would last. This probably didn’t help the number of books I read this month.

The books chapters go back and fourth between past and present telling the stories of the main characters. In the chapters about the past we meet and learn the back stories of four girls and how they bonded. In the present chapters we meet a girl whose sister was murdered and her body left on the grounds of the same boarding school that now sits abandoned.

Along side both of these stories is a little bit of paranormal with the legend of Mary Hand who is said to haunt the property.

So many good things inside this book, Simone St.James did a wonderful job writing it and I couldn’t recommend it enough. I can’t wait to read more of this authors work in the future.


Not That I Could Tell by: Jessica Strawser-  This book is about a woman who is in the middle of a divorce and she and her children go missing after a get together with some of the other women in the neighborhood.

The chapters go back and forth between three of the women’s points of view. I found it to be very slow and dry to get into and by the time it picked up I was so bored with it I couldn’t wait to be done reading it. I think the idea that the author had in the way she told the story was really good but I think the back story to get there could of been done in a cleaner less repetitive way.


Haunted America -This book is filled with history and ghost stories from around the United States. I love reading stories about ghosts and the paranormal. The many historical facts included alongside each story adds to what I found enjoyable about this book. It has lots of short stories and is a nice break when you just want to read for a few minutes.

If your looking for an easy read and love anything having to do with the supernatural and history I definitely recommend this book.


Getaway by: Nora Roberts – This is two of Nora Roberts previously published romances from the early 80’s. It’s a fun read with a little bit of mystery and suspense and a whole lot of romance.

This was a great book to get lost in during the boys Spring Break, I definitely favor her big 500 page books that have more detail and suspense to them but I would definitely recommend this one for vacation or while laying by the pool.


You Are A Badass by:Jen Sincero -This is one of those fun self help books that tells it like it is by using fun stories about the author life experiences.

This is actually my second time reading this but I had picked it up to search for a quote and ended up just rereading it. I definitely recommed this one if your looking for some positive encouragement to motivate you into trying something you’ve been putting off.


That’s it for the books I read in April, I have some great books lined up for May that I’m really looking forward to reading.

Until then you can find what I’m currently reading along with all my favorite and most recommended books here.

If you’ve read any great books lately or have a question or comment about any of these books don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you.

Happy Reading!!



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