Quick & Easy Side Dish: Roasted Asparagus

Hey Guys!!

One of my favorite sides to serve with dinner is roasted asparagus and it’s so easy to make! I use both fresh and frozen for this and they both work great. When you use frozen just let it sit on the pan for about five minutes before putting in the oven.


Roasted Asparagus 

What you will need:

1 bunch of asparagus or a bag of frozen (if fresh cut off the ends, about two inches from the bottom.)

Avocado Oil

Salt to taste (preferably sea or pink, it really does make a difference in taste)


Preheat oven to 400

Cover a cookie sheet with foil. (Saves on clean-up)

Sprinkle with avocado oil and salt

Toss to coat all the pieces.


Roast for 8-10mins

Serve immediately.


This is a perfect side with this flank steak!

If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to leave it below, I love hearing from you.

Have a wonderful day!




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