May 2018 Reads

Hey Guys,

My reading has taken a bit of a back seat to all of my outdoor house projects, so this months book list is shorter than usual. Thankfully Summer vacation is just around the corner making some extra time for reading.

May was all about reading books I already had on my bookshelf that I had yet to read and I’m so glad to because all the books I read this month were really good.

My husband and boys always joke that I love romance books with cowboys on the front so they will often buy me a bunch for Christmas and lately I’ve been into reading those. I don’t actually care about the cowboys, I just love that the setting is usually in a small town and on a ranch.

I also love that they always have a happy ending!

Wyoming Winter by: Diana Palmer


I really like the Wyoming series by Diana Palmer each story links in some way to other books in the series giving you a glimpse of previous books you’ve read and how their story is continuing.

This is about a preachers daughter who falls for her brothers best friend, he comes from a more experienced world and sees things a bit differently then Colie. She of course falls madly in love with him and hopes it will someday be enough. It’s your usual good girl falls for the bad boy and thinks she can change his heart.  It’s a story of a love,  loss and rekindling romance.

A perfect summer read while lounging by the pool.


Redemption by B.J. Daniels


This is one of the books I received for Christmas from the boys and I really enjoyed the story, I love how this author is able to go back and fourth amid sets of characters to share their individual stories so effortlessly.

Jack French returns home from prison wanting to be vindicated after being sent away for a crime he didn’t commit. Upon returning home he meets Kate Lafond, a mysterious stranger now running the local cafe who has her own interesting story. It’s so obvious these two are meant to be together but as with any good romance they both refuse to admit it. This book is filled with love, murder and mystery and I definitely recommend if you want something to take along with you to the beach or even just out to relax on the patio.


Home On Apple Blossom Road by: Sheila Roberts


This book was so cute, it’s part of the Life Of Icicle Falls series. It’s like the book version of a Hallmark movie and this author has even had a couple of her books turned into movies.

Each book in the series follows a set of characters and then also has overlapping characters from other books. They can be read alone or as a series. I started them out of order by reading this one first.

In Home On Apple Blossom Road, Mia and Colin were best friends growing up and Mia even lived with his family after her mother past away. They became best friends, fall in love, get engaged and then Mia went away to school and they broke up. Years later when Colin’s grandmother Justine passes away they both come home for the funeral. While home they find out they have to work together on a treasure hunt like when they were kids to find out what Grandma Justine left them in her will.

This is such a sweet book and Icicle Falls is one of those small towns that everyone wants to live in, I definitely recommend this book if you like lighthearted romance and small town life.

That’s it for the books I read in May, I have some great books lined up for June that I’m really looking forward to reading. I have a feeling some more of the Icicle Falls series is going to show up in next months post too.

Until then you can find what I’m currently reading along with all my favorite and most recommended books here.

If you’ve read any great books lately or have a question or comment about any of these books don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

Happy Reading!!








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