That Time I Had To Make A Cherry Pie


I did the most random thing last week, I made my first ever Cherry Pie.


It wasn’t because I had any desire for cherry pie either, it was because my sweet little sixth grader had a school project he needed one for. You can file that under random school projects that will help you succeed in life. **note the sarcasm**

Thankfully I’m that Mom who buys double of everything because when he came home from school the afternoon I planned to make it he said…. “That’s not going to be enough… needs to feed twenty five kids. Oh and I need plates, napkins and forks too.”

Ok then, way to let me know ahead of time all the details seeing how it was no problem to remember to remind me daily for the last two weeks not to forget to make the pie to begin with.

I guess the part about how much and all the extras just slipped his busy little mind. When someone tells you they need a cherry pie I guess you just assume that means one……no?

I was so grateful I had all of the paper products and forks on hand so I didn’t have to have any late afternoon runs to the grocery store fighting off the mob of people trying to find something for dinner.

If after reading this you find yourself suddenly craving cherry pie this is the recipe that I  used.

I didn’t use the almond extract or butter and my crust came pre-formed from the frozen aisle of our local grocery store along with a little help from Pillsbury for the lattice work.

This mama took shortcuts wherever possible for this project and I can just see Martha Stewart shaking her head at that last statement.

Making the filling with frozen cherries was super simple too!

I have no clue how it tasted because they both went to school but they smelled amazing. I was told the class loved them and he got an A.

Do you like cherry pie? I’d much rather have a fresh blueberry or apple pie!

Hope you have a fabulous rest of your week!!




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