Weekend Round-Up


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

I miss doing these weekend round-up posts and thought I would bring them back every now and then as a way to share some of the things we’re working on around the house along with some fun upcoming summer adventures and shopping finds.

This past weekend the weather was gorgeous so we worked on a few mini projects around the house, like adding these adorable solar lights to our privacy fence we added along the patio. I’m currently working on a post giving some details about the new fencing and will be posting it soon!

Adding these lights was an easy and inexpensive project that cost under $30. We found the lights at Home Depot and Mr.JMM used some pieces of cedar to extend the fence post and then secured them with ‘C’ clamps. We have four fence posts in all so we added four lights but this could work for any size wood fence.

They’re so nice in the evenings when we’re sitting by the fire and add a lovely amount of soft light to the space.


I also fertilized my vegetable gardens with my favorite organic fertilizer, you can find this at Home Depot as well. I love that it’s pet and people safe too just in case one of the dogs is sniffing around the beds looking for a fresh off the vine snack.


I’m really looking forward to enjoying some homegrown organic veggies later in the season.


The strawberry plants we planted this year even gave us a few berries! I discovered these beauties on Friday afternoon. I can’t wait to see how it does next year. I read it often takes a year for the plants to really get going.


While we were at Home Depot we added another bird feeder to our collection, it’s been so fun to see the birds enjoying the feeders in the early morning.

This one was under $20 and nice a heavy duty too not to mention cute!


One of the random inside projects we did was replace a couple toilet seats. We were in Home Depot and couldn’t remember the shape of the current lid so we had to have the boys text us photos of the toilets. Haha!

At BJ’s Wholesale we stocked up on snacks for the boys since they will soon be on Summer vacation and claiming there is nothing to eat.

While we were there we found this chaise lounge for the patio that was originally $100 and on sale for $30 off.  It will be nice for relaxing in and enjoying a good book this summer.

Speaking of books I finished a book and started a new one this weekend, both from the Life in Icicle Falls series by Sheila Roberts. I’m really enjoying reading my way through this book series. You can learn more about it in my May 2018 Reads  post and also always keep up with what I’m currently reading along with some of my favorite books here.

Thats it for this weekend, you can always catch my daily adventures on my Instagram Stories.

If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to reach out, I love hearing from you.

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Have a wonderful week!!



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