How to Add Privacy to a Patio?


One thing we have struggled with since we bought this house is backyard privacy. When we moved here we came from a quiet lot set back in the woods on five acres and you rarely saw your neighbors. We love the neighborhood and our neighbors here we just miss our backyard retreat.

We added a 6ft cedar fence around the whole back yard for the dogs when we first moved in but the patio is up on a hill so that fence doesn’t help to offer any privacy on the patio because it sits lower.

I had been trying to figure out for the last three years how we could add some privacy to this side of the patio while making it still look nice.

I called a landscaper and asked them their thoughts on adding three panels of fence to the already open side of the patio. He thought it was a great idea and suggested we pick out a fence that looked different from the one we currently have for the dogs to make it not look uniform.

We looked around at Home Depot, Lowes and a local company for different fence panel options. We found the one we really liked at a local fence company.

We chose one with a lattice top that was 7ft tall and the landscapers raised it a foot off the ground when installing it to keep the open and airy feel while still feeling like your not on display.

It gives us 8ft of privacy in all and feels like our own little private oasis in the middle of suburbia.

The landscapers we hired for this project did such an amazing job, they paid attention to every detail and made sure it was exactly how we envisioned it.

We also decided to extend the fence past the edge of the patio so it would go to the fire pit, that way when we’re outside in the evenings we can also enjoy the campfire and not lose the privacy the fencing offers.

Here is a before look….





We added solar patio lights to each fence post (four in all) to add a nice lighting effect in the evenings and also to give it a little more character. Once we added these I fell in love with the fence all over again. I wrote all about this inexpensive project and how we hung these here. 

IMG_7638 (1).jpg

Another bonus is the added shade it gives in the mid to late afternoon to one side of a once full sun area. This offers a break from the hot summer sun and still allows us to enjoy more of the patio.

I’m so happy with how this project turned out and I can’t wait to enjoy lots of time out there during the summer and early Fall.

If you have any questions or comments  about this project don’t hesitate to leave it below, I love hearing from you.

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