Getting Back to Basics

Hey Guys!

Sincerely, Mrs.JMM turned one last month and I couldn’t be more proud of my little corner of cyberspace. I’m also so grateful for all of you that have subscribed and continue to follow along on my journey.


I have had so much fun posting about the things I love and along the way staying true to myself and not getting caught up in what everyone else is doing, even if sometimes it’s been a challenge to not want to jump on the band wagon like everyone else.

I often get offers from companies asking me to pitch their products and I always say no. You will never see me pimp out a product that I haven’t already used for a while and absolutely without a doubt love. I’ve always been brand loyal and don’t often stray from my holy grail products unless I’m trying a new hair product and those I try for a full month before I even consider suggesting them to you.

I love sharing my “What I Wore” posts, along with new hair products I’m trying for curly hair and the latest book I’m reading. Along with my favorite tried and true recipes, with some new ones thrown in for fun too. I’m going to continue to share those things along with getting back to my monthly favorites because those are some of my favorites to read as well.

Lately I feel like I’ve been so lost in the Instagram world I haven’t given my blog the attention it deserves. I do enjoy posting IG Stories and the occasional photo but I definitely didn’t have the intention of ever becoming some big IG influencer. In fact when I started this blog I had no intention of getting involved with social media but somehow I found myself falling down the rabbit hole.

It quickly became all about the numbers and having the right photo. One day I was so stressed about not posting on IG in a few days and Mr.JMM said to me “Who cares, your having fun with family thats what’s important.”

It was definitely a lightbulb moment for me, when I look back on the amount of time I spent commenting and replying and liking posts for a return comment or a follow. Wow! A whole year went by! I find myself struggling with wanting to even remain on Instagram.

I stay because I’ve met some amazing people that I talked to on a daily basis. Thats what I do love about social media, I’m so over likes and follows and having the perfect photo. I’m so over the numbers and the algorithm.

Stories are something I will still do on a regular basis because it’s so much fun to share through that platform and you never know what I might be talking about.

What I really love is writing and my blog and that is where I want my focus to be.

I just want to get back to the basics, why I started to begin with.

I hope you will follow along and see what this next year brings. I look forward to sharing all the fun things I discover from my random trips to Target, clothing hauls and outfits of the day. I can’t wait to share new hair products I discover and the many books I plan on reading! Let’s not forget the delicious food and recipes!

Thank you so much for all of your continued support!

If your new here I do hope you’ll stick around and subscribe either by clicking that subscribe button on the right or signing up with your email to have my posts delivered right to your inbox so you never miss a new post!



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