About Me

Hi! I’m Jennifer and welcome to Sincerely, Mrs.JMM, I’m so glad your here!

I’m an introvert which often surprises people who don’t know me very well because I will often strike up a conversation with strangers in a store or give advice about managing curly hair to people who come up to me and ask. 

I married a very patient and loving man and together we raise our two amazing sons in a small Maine town. We have two black labs who are like two additional kids without the future college tuition bill. 

I’m an Italian girl who believes in loyalty and family. I love to cook and make a mean lasagna, I just love to feed people, no one leaves my house hungry. I usually make too much food because it never seems like enough. 

I have naturally curly hair which is one of my reasons for wanting to start a blog. I used to hate it but after learning how to manage it I absolutely love it. I often have people come up to me when I’m out and about to ask for advice about how to take care of their curls.

I’m a huge bookworm and carry a book or two with me at all times, Nora Roberts is one  of my favorite authors. I recently read ‘The Wife Between Us’ and ‘The Plea’ both great reads and I highly recommend them if you’re looking!  I also like non-fiction, I pretty much just want all the books! You can find all of my favorite reads by clicking on My Bookshelf.

I love clothes and putting together outfits, I’ve never met a pair of distressed jeans I didn’t like. You will often find a mix of investment and budget items in my ‘What I Wore’ posts.

I love routines, to-do lists, decorating and organization. I’ve never met a room I didn’t want to decorate or organize.

Within the last 4 years I’ve taken up gardening and discovered I really enjoy it.

Shopping for clothes and home decor are two of my favorite ways to partake in retail therapy. I have a slight obsession with the fall scented Bath and Body Works candles.

Ahhhhh Fall, my favorite season.

Eating healthy and working out are important to me while still enjoying the simple and delicious things in life, like fresh from the oven homemade chocolate chip cookies. 

I look forward to sharing my life with you as well as tips for taking care of naturally curly hair. If you ever have any questions or topic requests don’t hesitate to reach out. My favorite form of social media is Instagram but you can also email me at sincerelymrs.jmm@gmail.com